Worst Erasmus challenge – Mixed feelings story

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worst Erasmus challenge

Worst Erasmus challenge

worst Erasmus challenge

Any idea what the worst Erasmus challenge is? No worries, I didn’t know either back then, but the truth is, the worst challenge that Erasmus students face is leaving from Erasmus. Nobody can prepare you for that. As promised in the previous article, today, I’m going to share with you how my Erasmus ended. I must tell you that this is quite a mixed feelings story, but more funny than sad.

You should know that leaving Erasmus can be pretty challenging, especially if you leave many awesome friends behind. The truth is that reality strikes you when the last day of your Erasmus comes. You live in a dream world for so long, and suddenly, you need to pack your bags and return to the old life. The most concerning thing is that you are not the same person as you were when you started this experience, which makes things even more complicated.

What’s most challenging after you leave? Well, it’s the fact that you won’t find your place very soon. You will not be sure whether you belong to your home country or your “Erasmus country.” This is the price that every international student pays, but hey, this is not the end of the world. There is no need for post-Erasmus depression; as we talked about in the previous article, it’s just a matter of figuring out what you want to do next. If you have well-established plans before leaving Erasmus for after the journey ends, you should be just fine and stick to that plan. In case you haven’t had it all figured out, you should try at least to make sure that you will handle the situation without putting extra pressure on yourself.

Preparing for the worst - my last Erasmus day

Let’s start with the departure. My plane was supposed to fly at 6 am. Therefore I was supposed to be at the airport at the latest at 4.30 am. No worries, I caught the flight, but what did I do before it? I packed my luggage, said goodbye to my friends, and went to sleep early to rest on the way home. OBVIOUSLY, THIS WAS A JOKE!

This was, of course, what I should have done, but it was my LAST DAY OF ERASMUS, so hold on. Here’s the true story. My luggage was packed and everything in place, as I knew I wouldn’t be able to go back home after meeting with my friends. For that reason, I asked “the responsible friend” who would take me to the airport to keep the luggage in her car, so whatever happens, we just jump in and drive there.

Due to my jobs in Erasmus, I had many friends, so we planned a pretty goodbye party in one of my friends TAPAS BAR. I was expecting some close friends, but they were more than I thought in the end. It was supposed to be a chill evening, so we started at 6 o’clock. Now, you should know that most of my friends were hard-core party starters, so of course, I knew that “a chill evening” was not going to happen.

Prepare for emotional blackmail from your Erasmus friends

I felt so overwhelmed but tried to hold myself together while welcoming everyone. We started chatting, singing, dancing and drinking. You can imagine that I was trying to drink responsibly, as I felt it would not end at 10 o’clock, and I had a plane to catch in the morning. Here’s where it went wrong. My friends were blackmailing me emotionally, saying that I have to drink one last chupito (shot) with them. I tried to refuse many times, but it didn’t work out as expected. Both you and I don’t want to know how many  I drank that night. What I certainly remember is that after the first 5 of them, I started crying.

What I mean by crying? Is that I was literally partying with my friends and crying non-stop. I couldn’t help myself even for a second. Why? Because I was going to leave them all there and go back home. Every person who asked me to have “a last chupito” reminded me how this was my worst Erasmus challenge- leaving!

So here was I, hugging all my friends, dancing and crying while drinking chupitos with everyone. At some point, I lost myself in the sea of tears and woke up literally at a really wild party. I really can’t remember how we got there (by foot for sure and on my own feet, but I just can’t remember the whole thing in between), but I remember entering the party flat because what I saw was shocking and sobered me up super fast. 

3 hours before leaving my Erasmus

Here I was, in an apartment on the top floor together with my friends. It was a huge and kind of luxurious apartment. What was crazy was that you couldn’t count how many people were in there (more than 50 that’s for sure). But that’s not all. What was shocking is that the WHITE walls were covered by messages and signatures from the people inside. People were writing with markers on the wall as we were going in. I had no clue who the owner of the apartment was. I know that unless they repainted the walls, it also has messages and signatures from my friends and me. 

We went to the balcony where people were smoking, drinking, and chatting. It was had an incredible view of Blasco Ibanez street. Anyway, while being friendly with everyone around, all of a sudden my responsible friend came to tell me that we had to go. That was the moment when it hit me again – “Worst Erasmus challenge – I HAD TO LEAVE FROM ERASMUS .”That’s when I felt that all the challenges that I’ve been through (and had a lot, in case you read my stories from the beginning of the blog) were nothing compared to that feeling.” 

Now, I left together with few friends to the airport. Guess how? Crying the whole way from the party to the moment when I realized that I really needed to get on that plane. 

Worst Erasmus challenge - ON

On my way to make my check-in, I stopped and sat down somewhere. I needed few minutes to put myself together because you can imagine how dizzy and fuzzy everything was for me, from all those chupitos. My thoughts were – what if they don’t allow me to get in because they realize I’m not even close to sober + I was crying still. I felt the need to post a message on Facebook tagging all my Erasmus friends to share my love and how badly I missed them already. I’m sad that I became a grown up and had to delete most of my “totally unprofessional posts”. (I have them saved somewhere though, you’ll see them one day) 😉

Luckily or unluckily, I got into the plane safe. I also stopped crying meanwhile and sobered up. When I got home, I focused on my next adventures instead of being depressed. I’ll remain grateful for that experience and so many stories that I don’t even have enough time to share. This whole story was also long story short, as I can’t write 15 pages in here. Apart from that, there are considerable gaps in what I shared because of the chupitos.

The lessons for today

Be prepared mentally that your experience will come to an end. When it does, make sure that you’ve got everything prepared for leaving, as you might not catch the plane. In case you go in the morning, as I did, don’t trust your Erasmus friends at your last party unless they are all serious and nerdy (which I seriously doubt). Finally, don’t focus on how bad it is to be back home. Instead, focus on being grateful for what you lived and finding a way to continue your life adventures.

P.S. I’m still thinking about that apartment because it didn’t look like a broke-ass student’s apartment. What if the person lived with the parents and the parents left for the weekend, so their beloved son or daughter (never found out who the person was still) decided to throw an Erasmus party? Can you imagine those “poor” parents coming back home and seeing all their house “re-decorated” by Erasmus students? :)))

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