Untold secrets about “what is Erasmus weekly”

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Untold secrets about "what is Erasmus weekly?" in less than 5 min

what is erasmus graphic

In today’s dose I will be sharing few secrets with you about: Someone from Everywhere, what is Erasmus in general, and finally: what is Erasmus weekly? But actually, why would you be reading what I have to say? Who am I to write stuff about Erasmus and why would I do it?! Keep reading and you will find out.

I guess it’s time to start with revealing my own secret: I’m an Erasmus GURU! Just kidding…I’m a simple human being like everyone else. During my Erasmus experience, due to my “baby curiosity”, I found myself being a PR for Erasmus students in Spain. Later on, I became the right hand of an organizer of events. I was studying and working daily with students. (organizing meetings, trips, events, guiding and so on). Apart from that, I left my home country since I was 18 years old and started studying abroad. The first year was the perfect sum of an Erasmus experience, even though I didn’t know what Erasmus meant back then. Actually, do you know …

What is Erasmus?

This got me thinking that I would add Erasmus as an emotion. According to studies and psychologists, people have 6 types of basic emotions. Later on, they discovered more but none of them is called Erasmus. In case you have a baby curiosity like me, check this link. I would put it there in the list of emotions. When someone asks an international student how they feel… to be able to say: I feel Erasmus. If it would be a feeling, the description would be the following: a mixture of happiness, surprise, excitement, pride, contentment, achievement, and relief. When do you feel all that at once? In Erasmus…it is a unique kind of feeling. 

If Erasmus was a Burger it would look like this:

what is erasmus burger

From my experience and the people that I’ve met, I am pretty sure I made an accurate infographic. You must understand, that for each one it can be different, so you don’t have to expect exactly this. Therefore, I am also neither suggesting, nor influencing you to think this is exactly what it is. What I can say without a doubt is that it will be one of the most enriching and wonderful experiences you will have. Besides studying and having fun, you also get a chance to do a work placement or work as a language assistant in another European country during your time at university. This is something that I didn’t know for example during my journey but luckily, I found myself a good job without this information. Now…

What is Erasmus weekly?

What I forgot to mention about Erasmus is that it is all about sharing. You will be sharing: ideas, cultural differences, knowledge, a flat, emotions, money and so on. However, during my experiences, I encountered many shi*ty situations, many of them due to lack of information. You can read the top worst experience ever here. I talking about the ones that you can’t google. The type of unexpected situations that people don’t tend to share. This is how this website came to life. I didn’t receive this type of help or support during my journey as I didn’t know anyone in the selected countries I’ve traveled to. I’m sure others empathize with me here. Now, from an Erasmus student to another: Wouldn’t you have loved to have a blog where you could find all kinds of stories about what to expect? To help you with info and motivation when you needed it? Well… how about helping me create that space here? Because that is all Erasmus weekly is about.

Sharing is caring

With the help of experienced Erasmus students, we’ll have the upcoming ones informed and motivated. I want to help them avoid unpleasant situations and get the most out of this beautiful journey. Therefore, I kindly ask Erasmus students to help the future generation.

By the way, it’s also an opportunity for you to feel young and reckless all over again. Don’t you get goosebumps just by thinking of it? Come on, bring memories back to life in a useful way.

Now this is what you have to do to get your personalized character: SHARE! If you have a story from your experience, that can motivate, support, inform or even put a smile on a future student face, please share it.  We can talk more about this by e-mail, as you have my contact details or you can send me a private message on the Facebook page or group – Erasmus weekly. Also, you need to know that I will use the character to represent your story in here and you can use it where ever you want. 🙂 

Now, if your mind is twisted by our current situation, I recommend reading this article. Everything will pass and Erasmus will still GO ON. 

The lesson for today: It’s all about sharing!


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