Tips & Tricks for Erasmus in Spain

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Tips and Tricks for Erasmus in Spain

erasmus in Spain graphic

Today I’ll share some Tips & Tricks for Erasmus in Spain, but first: Hola and welcome back!!

 Thanks to those who have played the game with me last week. Together with a huge THANK YOU! will come also the articles you have asked for in the last question. As the first person who played wrote: Tips for Erasmus, that’s exactly what this article will cover. Apart from that, I got more or less the same answer from others.

Oh, and there’s one more thing before I get lost into the Spanish mood. Between the questions from the previous article, I promised to tell you what we chose to do.

Short recap for those who don’t know and haven’t read my articles yet:

We went to Erasmus, chose Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (thinking it’s in Valencia, of course). When we arrived in Valencia, me and my partner in crime, Mosoiu, have rented the perfect apartment (for us). After that, we found out that we were actually assigned to the Campus of Alcoy (which was 2-3 hours away from Valencia). This was the recap but I strongly advise, after you finish with this article to read “We go Erasmus mojito”. It’s much more fun and detailed than here. Anyways, here is what we did when we found out: STAYED IN VALENCIA AND LIVED OUR DREAM. Of course, we went to study in Alcoy though, but I will elaborate on this in another article.

I have many other things to tell you from that experience, that can help you avoid certain situations. For now, let’s look at a few TIPS AND TRICKS for Erasmus in SPAIN.

If you have a car and want to take it...THINK TWICE!

Allow me to explain. Spanish people have even a name for when they park and “kiss” the cars from the front or the back. That is called “BESITO”, in translation “a little kiss”. I told you Spanish people are crazy and cool at the same time. Anyways, here is how we found out. Because of the situation mentioned in the story above, we had to travel by metro, bus, and train, so we can get to Alcoy. Now, when we were arriving at the bus station, we had to wait for about half an hour for the bus to come. We had time to notice, how most of the people were side parking. They had something in common, which was “pushing” a bit the cars in front or in the back. AKA -Giving them “a kiss”. It became so funny to us that we wished for some popcorn to watch. After a while, a local told us that this practice in Spain even has that cool name. The reason is that in Valencia there are so many people (therefore cars). They need to find a way to park somewhere. If there is no place, we make some! Anyways…you might be lucky and this not to happen to you but you should still consider it. With this being said, there’s a tip number 2, that might be very helpful.

Have you heard of blablacar?

Blablacar is something that literally saved us. Maybe you have heard of it, but we didn’t back then. The idea of blablacar is to share a car with someone. The drivers have reviews and everything, so you can make sure you are not jumping in with a rapist or a killer. So, more exactly, for those who don’t know: you get on the site ( blablacar.es for Spain) and search for the place where you want to go. After that, there will appear people with a car heading in the same direction. They usually put low prices. Some of them are taking people just because they don’t like to travel alone. 

We have traveled with a pilot, who showed us so many pictures of his hot wife, luxury home, and airplane travels. Anyway, be careful not to fall in love. This happened to me and Mosoiu the first time we took blablacar. We didn’t know what to expect and the driver didn’t look that hot in the profile picture. When he came to pick us up we wanted to marry him (jocking or not really).  Anyways, we found out about blablacar, one day when we were in Alcoy, almost sleeping on the bench. A nerdy guy from our class was brave enough to ask us why are we so tired. Why brave enough?! Because we had killer faces, no mood to talk, and a huge transparent “LEAVE ME ALONE” written on our faces. We were waking up at 4 o’clock and getting back home from Alcoy around 11 o’clock at night, so you can imagine. Anyways, we told him our story and he was like OMG! Have you heard of blablacar? And this is how we felt in love with this nerdy guy all of a sudden.

Don't use German punctuality in Spain

What do I mean? Let me tell you a very short story. The first time when we arrived in Spain, we were searching for parties. We were in all the Erasmus groups possible, so one of them announces a party. WE WERE IN! The place was close to us, the time established to start the party was 12 o’clock at night. We were there 00.30 and it seemed closed. We went and talked to the bodyguards and told them that we came to that theme party. Guess what?! They started laughing and told us that we can go in because there is some staff karaoke going on. That was when we found out that, Spanish people come after 2 o’clock at night for parties. Before that, they have what they call “botellon”. This means they gather in a park, apartment, or any other place they find interesting and drink (A LOT) before going to the party.

For us, it was an amazing night anyway, cause Spanish people are super welcoming. We actually partied with the staff of the club before people started to come in.

Anyways, just remember that they are not the most punctual people from the world. They love to take their time. Now, this rule doesn’t apply to school also. I mean even if they are about 3 hours late for parties, but you shouldn’t be to be 3 hours late for classes. (But half an hour is not that bad!). I’m just joking…BE PUNCTUAL for classes!

Tricks for Erasmus in Spain: be present and everywhere!

First of all, get in all the Erasmus groups possible. You find there all the parties, trips, organized events and much more. We did that. One day, we got a notification from one of the groups. Someone organized an Introduction meeting for Erasmus people. We were IN. By going there, we met so many nice Erasmus students, but apart from that, the organizer was looking for people to promote his organization “ SoyErasmus”. 

We met one of the most awesome people: Andres, who later on became my boss and my friend. (To him: If you read this I want to thank you and say that I really miss you!)  I started working with him as a PR and later on found myself guiding Erasmus students and events. Helping him with all the trips and parties he was doing. I traveled so many times for free and I was doing exactly what I loved. What was I doing? Having fun with students and inviting them to join us in our trips and parties. The reason why I got so close to him is probably that I was the perfect mix of a responsible and irresponsible person. I was helping him in a lot of things but also going wild with Mosoiu and our Erasmus friends.

Another good trick that gives you access to all of the cool parties: XCEED. First of all, they sure know how to party. Secondly, they always search for people to bring more people and that creates a win-win situation. Apart from that, they are all over Spain. So, if you are looking for information about festivals, parties, and all the crazy stuff, search for them.

Lesson for Erasmus in Spain

I guess this was enough to start doing your “homework” for your trip. There is more to come, but next week we have a special guest from Turkey. He will also share an inspiring and awesome story for you to learn from. So, STAY SAFE AND TUNED! 

The lesson for today: Erasmus in Spain is for the ones who want a wild adventure. Spanish people are hot, crazy, and awesome! Just be present and enjoy your ride. I recommend Valencia as much as any other city in Spain.


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