Do you want to study in Denmark?

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Things you should know if you want to study in Denmark


Would you like to study in Denmark? Hey wait….Long time… no see! It’s good to be back. I hope you enjoyed all the guest stories we had so far. Personally, I had great pleasure in reading them. We had stories about Erasmus in Poland, Czech Republic, England, Spain, etc. 


Now, let’s talk about Denmark.


I had plenty of questions about this country, therefore, this article makes it easier for me to offer all the info you need. If you have checked my previous stories, you might remember that I chose to study in Denmark. Therefore, after high school, I came straight to Horsens. (a small city from Denmark with many international students) In case you are also wondering if Denmark is the right choice for you… allow me to give you some information.


Why would you study in Denmark? - The bright side

Let’s see. We actually have plenty of reasons here:

  1. For students from Europe and for the ones participating in exchange programs, higher education is FREE.
  2. You will work with the latest technologies because Denmark is a country very much focused on innovation. You get to learn a lot from them.
  3. Studying means a lot more practice (usually within real-world companies) than reading books and learning words by heart.
  4. As a student, you have plenty of benefits. One of them, during your studies, is SU. Students can receive SU if they get a part-time job and work a certain number of hours per month. This allows them to receive, besides the salary, an SU grant. Check SU.dk and learn more about it before you start.
  5. If you study full time, after you finish, you have the opportunity to receive unemployment benefits. This gives you time and commodity to seek for your dream job.
  6. About 86% of the Danish people speak English as their second language. If you want my opinion, I would say even the oldest lady who sells flowers speaks perfect English in here.
  7. There are many internationals in Denmark. More than you can imagine. Make sure, when you stay in the queue at the supermarket, not to gossip in your own language. Someone might give you some feedback in your own language. 
  8. People are smiling at you for no reason. Most Danes are often positive and open-minded.

Why wouldn't you study in Denmark?

Well, there’s also something in here that you won’t like that much. If you remember, I talked about the weather in Valencia (Spain). They have an average of 320 sunny days per year. In regards to Denmark, I could say that they have almost the same average of 320 days per year, just that here we would be talking about rainy days.

The weather can also change a lot in one day. To give you an example I will tell you a short story.

 In one of the days from my first year, I woke up and saw that it was super sunny and hot outside. I thought I will sleep a bit more and after that, I will go to get some tan. I woke up after 2 hours and when I looked outside it was already a lot of snow. Later on, it started raining. For me, it was the first time experiencing such radical weather changes in such a short period. As you see, it marked me because I can remember as if it was yesterday.


Before you come to study in Denmark, I recommend you to consider the following:


  1. Get at least two umbrellas in your luggage. You will forget them somewhere for sure but still have at least two prepared.
  2. Don’t take high hills and dress like a princess for parties. You will find someone to drop their glass on your shoes or clothes. What you need to understand is that there is a big difference between the Latin style parties and the Viking style parties.
  3. Learn Danish! You have
    the chance to study Danish for free for 3 years. Therefore, when you come to
    Denmark, search for info about how to get started and GO AHEAD. By learning
    Danish, your chances increase a lot if you decide to stay in Denmark and get a
    full-time job. (Cool fact: Danish is in top 5 most difficult languages to learn. I’m sure you will be pretty proud if you get to know it and your CV will look good with the red flag on it.

  4. Try to adapt fast with the Danish crowns (Dkk). If in your country, coins have an almost insignificant value, in Denmark, they have a coin that values about 3 euros. You should know that if you come from a country that has the “keep the change” mentality when buying something.

Lesson’s for today. Every country has it’s pros and cons. If you are focused on personal and professional development, Denmark is for you. Even if the weather is not the best…I believe the opportunities can cover the rest. 😉 


Have a super nice weekend!!!


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