Do you want to study in Denmark?

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Study in Denmark - Q&A


Do you want to study in Denmark? I heard you are ready to become a Viking…

Hej, hej, hej…this is the how you say hi in Danish…it’s just that you don’t need to use it 3 times as I did. :D. As I received many questions from students about Denmark, I decided to write this article for YOU. I have another article about this topic, but that is more or less for those who are undecided. By one click on this link, you go straight to that one if that is your case. Otherwise, for those who already took the decision, here are some answers to the latest questions received. To some of them, it is difficult to have a clear answer, as it depends on each situation but I will do my best to give as accurate info as possible. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to make your research further. (GET ALL THE INFO YOU NEED BEFORE YOUR DEPARTURE! That is what I always recommend… )

By the way, one of the first things I learned in Denmark is that there is no such thing as a “stupid question”. For this reason, in case you have more, feel free to write it down in the comments. 😉

Study in Denmark - accommodation Q&A

1.      Where should I look for accommodation in Denmark?

First of all, the place where you will study will give you recommendations. Mainly they will offer options on how the campuses or halls of residence. It is a good idea to examine those in case you want to have the full experience of being a student in Denmark. On the other hand, if you want a private place or already have some friends you want to live with “downtown” …here are some websites you could explore:

·        Lejebolig.dk

·        Boligportal.dk

·        Boligsurf.dk 

2.      Is it difficult to find accommodation?

Again, it depends a lot on how and where you want to live. Either way, in case you search on one of the portals I gave you, I suggest you search in advance. Depending on the season, they might have looong waiting lists. Otherwise, there can be also Facebook groups that can help you with that. Just search on the student or city groups relevant to your location. People move in and move out so you might find the right spot for you there as well.

Study in Denmark / Danish?!

3.      Do you have to buy materials (books) from the university? Are they expensive?

I’ll start with the last question, as the word expensive depends a lot on where you are coming from. People from Norway might say that Denmark has cheap prices, meanwhile, people from Romania might consider it is super expensive.

Some teachers might recommend books and I think that is a great idea. (You invest in yourself in the end.)  The bad news is that they might be expensive. The good news is that you always find a PDF version, especially nowadays. Nobody forces you to buy the physical book, at least not in my experience.

4.      Is Danish a difficult language to learn? Can you take classes?

Well, I wouldn’t like to scare you but according to Babbel Magazine, it is in the top 6 most difficult languages to learn for English speakers. Furthermore, if you want a personal opinion: YES! On the other hand, if you ask this it means you want to learn it. In case you want to stay in Denmark, that would be a great idea. There are some special rules that give foreigners about 3 years of studying Danish for free. Don’t waste your time because they might consider the 3 years starting from the day you arrive. (Rules might change, so make your research and find out how and where you can start!)

To be continued...

In the next article, I will continue with some more questions. I’m trying to make the articles short and concise. In case you have other questions, please put them in the comments down below. You are also welcome to hit the like button on the Erasmusweekly page on Facebook or join its community. Also, join me on Instagram. You can write questions anywhere you’d like. 

Have a VIKING Sunday!


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