5 crucial tips to prepare for Erasmus during Covid19

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Erasmus during covid19 graphic

5 crucial tips to (mentally) prepare for Erasmus during Covid19

Erasmus during covid19 graphic

Want to know how to prepare for Erasmus during Covid19? 


First of all, let’s get things straight. I’m not going to tell you how to pack your bags and check your passport/visa. I’ve seen many articles doing that, and I appreciate their efforts in helping you, but hey, if you need advice on how to pack your bags and a reminder about checking your visa, you shouldn’t go Erasmus. That’s just my personal opinion.


If you need indications on how to proceed with the documents, there are plenty of articles out there. Besides, you should receive these pieces of information along your enrollment process. So what do I really want to share with you here? I’m going to tell you 5 things that will mentally prepare you for Erasmus during Covid19. 

Ready? Put on your seatbelts. We’re taking off. We’re starting with the “Duuuh! I already thought or did that” and ending up with what’s most important.

"Duh type" of how to prepare for Erasmus during Covid19

1. Research (do and don’t)

It may sound easy, but if you are a solo rider like I
was, going into a new country without knowing anyone out there becomes more
difficult. Make sure you find some people in the country you want to choose
who’s been Erasmus NOW! Not before Covid19. 

Find out how the situation was for them, but hey, don’t trust online research and advice blindly! People can quickly tell you it sucked without even thinking about it, but everyone’s journey is different. Each trip depends on one’s personality, time, friends, experience, and so on. Make sure that you take into account only what matters to you, which is an idea of the lifestyle in that country and information about the current situation.


2. Ask as many questions as you need when filling up the Erasmus documents. 

Before and after Covid19, many people had problems because of the documentation, and you really don’t want that. Here’s a thing I absolutely advise you to make sure of: “Where’s the campus of the University located?” Why? You can read my story and learn all about it.


Here’s the article you should check.

Mentally prepare for Erasmus during Covid19

3. Don’t allow fear of Covid19 to stand between you and your Erasmus journey, nor the widespread “post- Erasmus depression.”


Heads up, thumbs up, clear your mind up! If you want this, you need to figure out how to get your fear of Covid19 out of your head. This situation got us, and there is nothing we can do about it (except masks, vaccines, and hands wash). You can stay as safe as you want and still have chances of something going wrong. We can’t go and live in a cave, so we’d better deal with it. Wear a mask, take care of yourself and GO GET THE JOURNEY YOU DREAMED OF.


4. Fill your bags with positive thoughts for your journey.


I’ve been reading so many Erasmus stories and have so many Erasmus friends. I talked to a lot of people who were Erasmus during Covid19. The truth is, I never heard someone complain about their Erasmus journey unless that complaint was about ending their journey. Even if you can’t party like a rock star on a stage with many people, you will still get a genuine experience to remember for the rest of your life.


5. Expect challenges and rough times also.


Many things can go wrong during Erasmus. You can expect shitty times and plenty of challenges. The question is – isn’t that the reason why you went there? To make your heart beat faster in the unknown? You will learn how to cope with everything without even noticing how much you’ve grown. 


Here’s an article you can read later to get an idea of the top International student challenges. However, remember that these are common challenges. There can be more severe problems, same as we have in our lives. If you stay at home, it doesn’t mean that your life is going to be pink.

The lessons for today

To sum things up, here’s how you prepare for Erasmus during Covid19:


1.      Don’t trust online research blindly! Remember that everyone’s journey is different. That’s why you need to focus on yours!

2.      Ask questions when you fill out your Erasmus papers

3.      Leave the fear of Covid19 and “post Erasmus depression” at home

4.      Focus on the positive impact that Erasmus has on students.

5.      Last but most important, prepare yourself mentally for this journey! Remember that you will learn how to make lemonade when life gives your lemons, which makes you grow. 


P.S. Don’t forget to share your incredible journey with us when you get back. 

2 X P.S. If you ever need someone to talk to, you know where to find me. Follow @erasmusweekly on Instagram for weekly entertainment and motivation. Also, join our Facebook community @erasmusweekly.  

3 X P.S. Get the best out of your journey!!!!


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