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Hello! Hola! Ola! Buna! Ciao! Hallo! Hej! ….Ok that’s all I know. Sorry!

Before discussing some questions about Erasmus, I believe I owe you some explanations. First of all, I wanted to tell you that my dog ate my article. Therefore, I wasn’t ready with it on Friday as usual. Ok…I guess you know I’m not serious right now. But about that…Did you know that in Romania, years ago, this excuse with the dog was used in school a lot? A long time ago when it was all “pen and paper”, Romanian children found the coolest excuse when the teachers asked for their homework and they didn’t have it. The excuse was: “ My dog ate my homework”. If you think of it in one way… there could have been a small chance there to be true.

Let’s say you have a dog. You do your homework on a copybook in bed and all of a sudden you get hungry. You go eat and leave the copybook in the bed. Now, we all know dogs like to chew everything that shows up. So, it could have been true right? They never believed me though … 😊))

Anyways today, I’ll answer some questions about Erasmus weekly. Also, I have some questions for you and would love to hear what you have to say.

TOP 5 awesome news about Erasmus weekly

1)     The truth is that beside the fact that I wasn’t ready this Friday, I thought of changing it for a very long time. My website statistics show that you get lazier on Sundays and spend more time at home seeking for fun online. Of course, on Friday you are already thinking about the plans you have for the weekend. With this being said, YouR weekly Erasmus dose will be posted on Sunday.

2)     Other great news that you might hear is that I am working on an Ebook for future Erasmus students. The Ebook will contain cool graphics and super important tips and motivation for those who are ready for that journey.

3)     We will turn our story sharing into something greater. We will keep Erasmus stories for the ones who want to share them. Check here how you can share your story and what can you get. On the other hand, we will have another section with stories that start like this: “I wish I knew before going Erasmus in (X Country).

4)     Oh yes…and one more thing… I’m planning also some Erasmus STAND UP. I’m sure you know stand up comedy shows. The Erasmus subject is never used in stand up…. but how about changing that ?! If anyone has cool ideas and talent to make great jokes about Erasmus… you are more than welcome to launch yourself here. THIS IS A UNIQUE IDEA that hasn’t been used before…therefore I want copyright if someone does it before me. 😊))

5)     Last but not least…some cool partnership will come up and you will be able to find accommodation and other important information through Erasmus weekly. 😉

Not so great news about Erasmus weekly

Well guys, in order to put all the cool news on track and to come back with some great vibes, I will need a vacation. Some of you are already enjoying palm tress and mojitos somewhere out there. Meanwhile, others are still struggling with summer studies, summer jobs and so on. The time has come for Erasmus weekly to take some vacation, therefore, the next article will be in September. I will combine both work and a small vacation until then.

Either way, stay tuned because I will keep posting funny quotes and cool graphics on Social Media. If you want Erasmus weekly to grow, please follow on Instragram @erasmusweekly. Also, find the page on Facebook, hit the like button and then ask to join our Facebook group @erasmusweekly.

I know we can do this and we will have a lot of fun and memorable moments while helping future Erasmus students to find their best Erasmus journey.

Before I go, I really want all those super amazing readers and followers to click here. Help me out with some of your thoughts. You don’t need to give any kind of personal information, just your crazy thoughts.


Have a nice vacation everyone and see you soon with a lot more energy and cool stuff !!!


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