Make a difference – Stand with Ukraine

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Make a difference - Stand with Ukraine


It’s not about placing “Stand with Ukraine” in a hashtag, story, or adding the flag on our profile picture. We’ve got the technology and plenty of information to find out how we can LITERALLY help.

Today is not about Erasmus. It’s about the whole World.

Why this topic on Erasmus?

Guys, some of you may know that I have no passion for drama. If you remember, I wrote some articles when the whole Covid situation started, and they were all positive thoughts and motivation. You can check what I’m saying in this article. Also, I’m not a fan of the post-Erasmus depression. Check here.

If we talk about the current situation, there is no fun or a positive perspective. So why did I write this article to you? It’s because all the Erasmus people I met are peaceful, joyful, limitless, and open-minded people who can actually make a difference.

I know you are students, and you should live like there’s no tomorrow. That’s why I rarely get serious on this website. However, today it’s different. Why? Because there are so many people out there who might not get tomorrow, and that’s tragic. The worst thing of all is when you ask yourself for what?

WAR ?! What for?!

After centuries of so-called EVOLUTION, we wake up and find out that there are still people out there who learned NOTHING! Worst part? They are leading countries, folks!

You may not know this about me but I was NEVER watching the NEWS. I think it fills me with negative stuff, and all that information doesn’t help in any way. However, this changed a few days ago. I watched all news possible because I wanted to understand what was happening. Why am I watching a WAR on TV in the 21st century? Why is it raining with bombs in Ukraine? Why are mothers running to save the life of their children? After a few days, I’ve got one answer:

One old and bored man. Millions of broken hearts.

And then another set of questions start rising. How on Earth can he do it, and how far is he capable of going with it? I mean, he clearly doesn’t empathize with the human race, so we can definitely expect the worse.

Ukrainians stand with pride in front of this disaster. At least those who have nothing to do with politics and all this crap. The truth is, some people feel sorry for them, others feel inspired by them, others may feel nothing at all. But obviously, ordinary people STAND WITH UKRAINE. However, there’s one side we forget about: Russian people. 

Here’s what I’m saying.

How about Russian people?

Not sure if you are watching the news, but it’s fascinating how Russian soldiers woke up in the middle of a war without knowing why they were there. I mean, that’s just a different level of crazy. It breaks my heart to see even innocent Russian people who have no ideas that they were actually sent to die. Unless it’s their will to fight for their country and have the same beliefs as their leader, I firmly believe they shouldn’t be blamed. In the end, Russian or not, they are people in the middle of something they didn’t ask for. To be honest, I feel super sorry for Russians who don’t want to fight this war.

Anyway, let’s not focus on the negative stuff and all the questions without an answer. I believe that there is only one thing that we could focus on right now: for us, HUMANS, to SHOW our HUMAN side. Let’s help and STAND for Ukraine with anything we can.

How can we stand for Ukraine?

Well, there’s only one thing in our power right now: to help the Ukrainian people (mainly women and children) who managed to escape this disaster. Many Ukrainians arrived in Romania, Moldavia, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. Some of them got there without anything. So right now, the things that mean nothing to us may mean the World to them. 

Depending on where you live, search for information and see how you can help. Find groups called Stand for Ukraine in your area, and you’ll find plenty of ways to help there. 

What’s happening at the moment is not a TABU subject. I’m pretty sure it’s all over the news, newspapers, Instagram, Tik Tok, and so on. Find a small way you could help. Whether it’s donating blood (in case you are close to the borders of the neighborhood countries), hosting a refugee, sending some clothes, food, anything. Even if you are an influencer and think you could mobilize some people that could help, that also may help!

Let's make a difference - PEACE!

We love peace and blending different worlds and cultures in one place. That’s why I’m sure with our open minds and perspectives on a future beautiful world, we can find solutions to help these people who are running away from their homes through a cold rain of blood and fire.



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