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Untold Secrets about life after Erasmus life


How is life after your Erasmus life? Any expectations?! Hi guys. Let’s see who empathizes with me and who learns something new about what happens after you have been living your Erasmus life. These things are not told to you when you sign the Erasmus papers. Therefore, I decided to write an article based on what you should expect.

We are meant to have fun here and learn new stuff as well, right? Everything I will tell you is based on true facts. On the other hand, you should know that each situation may be different. If you think that the subtitles show you negative side effects …read until the end and you will understand that this experience is totally worth it.

Extra kilos after your Erasmus life?!

First of all, you might expect to come with some extra kilos after your exchange semester. You might think, what the hell is she talking about? What does Erasmus life have to do with my weight? Allow me to offer you 4 solid arguments. If you are happy with your shape, you might consider them when in Erasmus.

1. Your lifestyle will change 100% once you get there. Adrenaline will indeed be all over your body and that burns some fat. On the other hand, you won’t have mommy’s healthy food. Out of commodity and interest in other activities, you might just choose fast food. We all know where fast food gets us.

2. Apart from that, you might want to save your money for all the trips and upcoming events. This will make you choose cheap food instead of BIO products.

3. Your sleep won’t be the same. It might be from all those parties and deadlines. You might as well have headaches from making a choice between them. (just kidding but you should know that usually, jokes are 90% based on reality)

4. Whether you are a hard drinker or not…it will be a bit difficult to say no to all those cocktails. Good luck with that!

Post Erasmus depression ...

You might have heard of it and you might have thought this is a myth. On the other hand, I have cried the whole “SURPRISE Goodbye party” when I was supposed to leave from Spain. You should know that I am not a sensitive person who cries out of everything. Either way, each goodbye SHOT with every person gave me more tears. I left the party straight to the airport. You don’t want to know what a mess I was. For a while home, you will feel like you can’t find your place.

You will tend to redirect every conversation to your Erasmus experience. Expect to talk about it with all the joy in your heart for at least one year after. You will probably also search for any other opportunity to find another Erasmus experience. Either way, keep your heads up and don’t cry every time you think about it.

Positivism, creativity and opportunity

Erasmus life gives you some unknown strength to find a positive side in any bad situation. It may be from the fact that you have grown up and got a bit more mature while being away from your parents. As well it can be from the fact that you managed to pass every bad situation with a smile on your face. That is something that Erasmus gives you. While you are there, you feel like nothing can stop you. This is how you just find opportunities in each obstacle. After Erasmus life, you simply start living by that rule.

In regards to creativity… it’s something not necessarily easy to explain. The simple fact that you have seen more and learned more about different cultures. The fact that you learned so much from people of different nationalities. You simply get many more creative ideas that help you shape your future better. This also comes with a lot of opportunities: both in your work life and in your social life. You should know that Erasmus students have far more possibilities to get employed. Why? Because their experience already shows an employer that: they can adapt fast, they are sociable and open-minded.

The lesson for today: You can go to Erasmus as a depressed person and come back from it as a WARRIOR. If you get some extra kilos and some Post Erasmus depression, your attitude towards change will be like this: “Hold my beer, I’m changing this! “

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