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Learn more about Erasmus + from this story

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If yes, you arrived at the right place because Bianca will share an inspiring and motivational
story about Erasmus + today. 
You know that I always have the honor to read the stories first and I must tell you, this one will cheer you up and make you prep your luggage for an Erasmus ride.

Thank you, Bi!!

Meet Bianca

My name is Bianca and for a few months now I have started to make small changes in my life, changes that reflect only good parts in the new things I take on. That being said, I got involved in several extracurricular activities and spent my free time in a more active, more creative, different way.

How I found out about Erasmus + ?

One day, while taking a look at the much too well-known Facebook, I saw a post about an exchange of experience launched by the 3D Youth Association. At first, I said not to get too excited… it seemed too short. In the following days, however, I kept getting that post on recommendations, so I thought it must mean something. I researched better about all the details of this project and decided to add something new to my newly written Wishlist and take part in the “best” experience of my life.

The Erasmus + project entitled “Be involved 2” made me want to go back in time so that I could participate in the first part. The organization was very good: the activities were well scheduled and had a structure accessible to all involved. The coordinators were exemplary and for me, they are the ideal pattern for how anyone on this planet should be.

Want to hear about Erasmus + activities?

The activities I participated in, in addition to being fun, gave me the chance to interact with people who became my friends (not necessarily only on Facebook) and with whom I spent a week full of unforgettable memories. . I can say that I was 99% happy every day because in the remaining 1% I thought that the day of departure was getting closer.

I can’t choose a specific activity or a more special day of the project week because they were all too beautiful. I took part in a team-building for the first time and I really enjoyed working in a team. I was on a hike in the mountains… or rather on an adventure (it rained a little which is true, but no one can schedule the weather and it was not necessary because you always have to endure the rain so they can see the rainbow afterward, but the lake on the mountain was part of the perfect view and not only).

About Erasmus + in Poland

Poland is the first foreign country I have visited and it will certainly not be the last. On this trip, I realized that I must give every opportunity to do something new in life a chance because what we regret the most are the things we haven’t done.

Certainly, this project has completely changed my perception of the opportunities that arise at every step and of how not to miss them. In the near future, I want to visit as many countries as possible and participate in as many activities as possible that will contribute primarily to the development of my soul. More doesn’t always mean better, but when we talk about Erasmus +, more is too little to say !!

Dropping some love and recommendations

I recommend Erasmus + projects from all points of view and with all confidence (not like in the commercials) !!! Words really can’t fully describe how beneficial this experience can be, so if someone doesn’t believe, they have to convince themselves and try in person.

Some more love from #erasmusweekly

I’m sure you loved her story as much as I did. There’s no need for me to drop you any “usual lessons” because I guess she said it all there.

Next week, you’ll have also an example of a cover letter (that you should send to apply for Erasmus+) that is written by Bianca. All I can say about it is that it’s the most original cover letter I’ve ever read! This aim’s promotion because I’m not selling anything neither getting money from this website. So if I say it ….I REALITY MEAN IT!

Here is some promotion though if you can call it that way: FOLLOW ON INSTA AND FACEBOOK!!! Again…I’m not gaining anything, I’m just trying to reach future Erasmus generations who want info and Experienced Erasmus students who can offer it.

Lots of love,


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