We join Erasmus mojito

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We go Erasmus mojito

Before inviting you to join Erasmus mojito, I still need to make few things clear. 


 One of them is that there is no timeline for my stories. What is important to me is that each “Friday dose” brings a new “lesson” to you. So, I will probably jump sometimes from Spain to Denmark and from Denmark to Spain. However, I will make sure you get to know where I will be standing. 


Just a short reminder… If you have questions, I am willing to help. Also, if it is about another country, even without experience, I have friends in many places. NOT EVERYWHERE… I am not God but you can try your luck. Maybe I know someone who knows someone and we manage to figure out a solution for you. 


By the way, later on… You will also understand why “Someone from everywhere”, maybe even on your own skin. But that is another subject we’ll get back to in another Friday.

That "Sweet" Erasmus Situation- papers

Now let’s talk about that first lesson (the shi*ty situation). I will start with the good part. The good part is that I wasn’t alone in the situation. I dragged someone with me…or the other way around. We didn’t know each other at all back then. Anyway, I will present my “partner in crime” in the next dose.


Back to the dirty part… I would normally call it in so many ways but my status of a grown up doesn’t allow me any longer.


You probably don’t know but when you go on Erasmus you will have a couple of (Many) papers to fill out. Now between these papers, you choose the university you want to attend from those that have a collaboration with the university you are currently in. I basically knew what options I had in terms of countries from start. However, when it is time to fill out papers you get to see the list with the universities.

Country and university choices

There is only one thing you need to make sure. The university you choose must have similar courses (program) to the ones you are currently studying. 


Now, there was no doubt of the country I wanted to go to. I didn’t have so many options there but I had Spain and that was enough for me. And while filling those papers I have seen my dream come true: Valencia. City of dreams, palm trees, average of 320 days of sun per year, crazy Spanish people, salsa, mojitos, rumba, bachata, tequila… Are you still following me? Cause I can carry all night long with the presentation. By the way, I called Spanish people crazy in a good way. I got to know many of them while they were Erasmus in Denmark, so I knew the type of company I wanted. Check this song to understand what was in my brain while signing those papers. 

Join Erasmus mojito choices

Why Erasmus Mojito? (Amen)

As I was saying: Valencia! So, when I read between the options, there it is: Universitat Politecnica de Valencia. I checked and they had the program I was following in Denmark, so my heart started going wild. What more to think about? It stands there in front of my face. I knew it was in Valencia and it is a huge university with people from all over the world…DONE! That was all that mattered to me. I made a cross (x), I signed the papers, made another cross (religious sign) and said Amen (end of prayer). For me that meant I AM IN! IN for joining an Erasmus mojito endless story filled with adventures. But I didn’t know what was coming…


So far so good, the only bad part here is that I didn’t know that the university had many campuses located in different cities. I asked nobody and nobody told me, therefore ” Welcome to Alcoy!”. We’ll get back to that in the next dose because I feel depressed already. Don’t worry…you will understand. 

Thanks for reading and see you next week! Have a wild,wild weekend!

Lesson for today: Don’t think about mojitos when you are signing important papers! 

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