Funny Erasmus World – You can lose a tooth, but never your smile

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funny Erasmus world graphic

Funny Erasmus World

funny Erasmus world graphic

Hey there, adventure lovers who want to know everything about the funny Erasmus world! I’m so glad to see that you keep showing up for more stories. I know it’s been a while since my last article, but now we’re back to the Weekly Erasmus dose.


Today’s dose contains two stories that show how Funny the Erasmus World can be. If you have been there, you already know. Not my funny stories but yours! I’m sure they contain loads of fun, even if it was during the pandemic. For those who haven’t been there, you just need to know this: “You’ll be prepared to lose a tooth in Erasmus, but never your smile!” (You’ll get the idea if you finish reading)


Now, here’s something you should know about Erasmus students. We all suffer from a nasty disease while we are in Erasmus. That disease it’s called: “fear of missing out.” Allow me to make it clear for you. Erasmus students are always prepared to miss out on some classes, that’s for sure, but what they are never prepared for is missing a party, international meeting, or trip with their friends.


Cheers to everyone who’s not ready to miss out on the Erasmus adventure!


I’ll share 2 short stories with you to understand my point from the title. In the following sections, you’ll find out the situations and would really love it if you could put yourself in our shoes. When I say we, I talk about me and my partner in crime, Mosoiu. If you know nothing about her so far, read this article, you’ll have a lot to learn from that article about the Erasmus vibes and friends.

Erasmus Story 1 - Teaser

So here’s my story. You maybe already know that I was a PR and organizer of events for Erasmus students in Valencia (Spain) during my journey. Apart from that, during the events that we were organizing for students, I took care that everything went smoothly, together with the founder of “SoyErasmus.” (I MISS YOU ANDRESITO, IN CASE YOU READ THIS!). 

What does that care mean? Let’s take the same example from the story I am talking about. We organized a trip for Erasmus students to Benidorm. Apart from sharing info about the journey with the students, my responsibility was to gather them, make sure that everyone is there, guide and entertain them around the trip, and last but not least, have fun with them! (I don’t know about you, but I’d die happy with this kind of responsibilities all my life)


Now, here’s where the problem showed up. Three days before the trip, I got super sick. My throat got huge, and I couldn’t eat and barely was able to drink something. Fever was ON, so everything was “awesome.” I went to the doctor on day one. They gave me antibiotics because I had a nasty infection and couldn’t move from bed for 2 days. On the third day (TRIP TO BENIDORM DAY), I was feeling miserable. The question is: DID I STAY OR DID I GO!?


After I tell you the second story, I’ll share the answers and reasons for both.

Erasmus Story 2 - Teaser

Let’s talk about Mosoiu now. I don’t know if you know but, we are the proud creators of 11 days NON-STOP party project. We called it “Despedida del celebro” project, which means “Farewell party for your brain.” After you read this summary, you can read the full story with details by clicking on the project’s name. 


After few days since we started, I lost Mosoiu in a club. Even though I was among the last leaving a party, I was also super responsible. Apart from that, I was pretty stressed because it was MOSOIU we are talking about, and we were always together. So after searching for some time all over the club and outside, I decided to run back home. She obviously didn’t have any friendship with her phone, so I was calling in vain. When I got home, I saw puke in the elevator, and that was the moment I realized: “My Mosoiu is home.” 


I went upstairs fast and got into her room. She looked like a ZOMBIE and told me that the last thing she remembers is that one of our friends told her she was a virgin. I couldn’t stop laughing but was a bit concerned as well. Even though I don’t give up easily, for me, her health mattered more than a crazy project. So I told her that we should abandon our project because it was too much. Guess what she said?

Why is the Erasmus World Funny?

Here’s why. The answer to my first story teaser is: OF COURSE, I DID!!! My fever got low, but I felt awful, but the “Fear of missing out” just exceeded everything else. You know the funniest part? Once I got outside the house, I started feeling so much better. At the end of the day, I felt fully recovered, and my trip to Benidorm was a blast. 


How about the second story teaser? Her answer was: “No, give me half an hour to put myself together. We can’t give up on our project. We’re going back!” Again, the funny part? No other incidents, just pure fun together with our friends for 11 days in a row.


Why make these insane decisions? Because of that fear of missing out and the strong desire to take advantage of every Erasmus second.


Now don’t get me wrong! I need to explain what I am emphasizing because it’s a thick line to get the bad point. I’m not saying that you should ever be so “insane” as we were and definitely not recommending you to do what we did, but…


The lesson for today: I am saying here that Erasmus gives you a different kind of strength. In Erasmus, you get that power of turning any bad situation into a positive one. You learn how to enjoy every moment, and your mind believes so much that things will work out that in the end: THEY DO!


Question: Please let me know in the comments on Instagram if you believe that you can lose a tooth in Erasmus but never your smile. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it. 


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