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funny erasmus graphic
funny erasmus graphic

Are you missing that funny Erasmus life? The “no stress,” “go wild,” “be free,” “let’s do it” kind of thing?! You obviously miss it only if you’ve “been there, done that.” Otherwise, it means you’re a newbie looking for information to build up some expectations. Either way, Erasmus weekly is all about US – Erasmus people and their funny Erasmus life. Why funny? We’ll get to that, but first, here are some apologies:


I know, I know… Erasmus weekly turned into an Erasmus yearly kind of thing. Probably some of you have even forgotten about this website. Others probably not, and they are the ones who would tease me. One thing is sure: I never forgot about it, neither can I just drop it. The honest truth is that I’m busy, and when I say busy, I mean SUPER BUSY. Apart from that, life strikes differently, and you can’t do s**t about it. All this stuff and a lot more got me thinking about whether I should keep going with Erasmus weekly or not. Sad but true. 


So, here’s what happened…

Erasmus weekly is a gift for my birthday...

I recently had my birthday. You don’t want to know how old I am, but you can guess. How?


  1. Look at the character that shows in most of the graphics from the website. Most illustrations are created after my silly face. (Note that this is just a hobby, and I started learning to make illustrations just for the sake of this website. I do all the “dirty work” around this website.)
  2. Go to @erasmusweekly and recheck the graphics.
  3. Write a comment in the last post you see and tell me how old you think I am.

If more than 5 tell me a number close to my age (this means + or – 3 years old), I’m going to reveal it in one of the following 3 I.G. posts. If I don’t get any answers, NADA happens.


P.S. If I get answers that are +3 years compared to my actual age, I’m going to go in the bathroom and cry. This is just so you know.


P.P.S. I’m joking. Age is just a number, so let’s make ourselves feel young and Erasmus all over again.


Anyway, back to the point, in January, when I had my birthday, I was also supposed to pay for the Erasmus weekly domain. If you don’t know this kind of stuff, nothing in this world is for free, except my work on this website. (I hope you are smiling.) Again, back to the point, I decided that I can’t abandon all of this and will definitely pay and keep it as a present to myself. Kind of crazy, right?

What’s crazy about it is that I believe that even if I don’t have enough time for it, you sure can help me out, and we can create a wild Erasmus experience.

Why do I believe in Erasmus weekly so much?

Let me show you a few past graphics to refresh your memory.


Now, if you want a straight answer: it can do a lot of good, and I figure out a way to do even more than before. Here’s what Erasmus weekly meant:


  1. A place where Erasmus students can share their excellent and funny Erasmus lives through stories.
  2. The magic land where newbies can taste Erasmus and learn more about the experience they are thinking about.

Here’s how Erasmus weekly will evolve:


  1. We’re talking about student’s life. How about discussing the parts that are after this funny Erasmus life? I’ve been through many experiences until I landed my first job, and I want to share that with you. There’s a lot more motivation, information, and support that can help us get through certain stages of life more manageable.
  2. GIVEAWAYS – mainly focused on reconnecting with our Erasmus friends and bringing back that old Erasmus life.
  3. ERASMUS MEETINGS – how about having chats where we can meet and discuss stuff? Instagram allows us to connect easily.
  4. New partnerships and collaborations with ERASMUS GIANTS. We’re already in a partnership with Erasmus Play and PADING.
  5. Guest stories will have a funnier approach and a sense of mystery. Can’t explain this one, but if you stay close by, you’ll indeed find out soon. A guest story is on its way, by the way.

Erasmus Play helps students find accommodation fast and easily. They have a great website with all the tools and information you need. If you are a newbie who’s still trying to figure things out, I’ll definitely recommend looking at their website. You might have “problems solved.”

Pading is another excellent app that helps you connect with your Erasmus friends. “MEET ME HALFWAY” is what they do. Simply check where your friends are and find common ground to revive those tremendous old parties and bring back memories. I haven’t used it yet, and that’s a shame, but I’m definitely going to do that soon

Isn't Erasmus all about connecting people?

Since I started this website, I’ve met so many amazing people. This is also why I can’t just stop writing articles and leave this “hobby project” in the back of a closet. Some of these people said no when I asked what I should do. What you must know is that I’m not talking about my friends. I’m talking about people that I met through Erasmus weekly. Basically, I’ve never met these people face-to-face, but we’re supporting each other. Isn’t that just brilliant?

Erasmus is an experience that can really connect people who have nothing in common. It’s all about understanding differences, opening your mind, growing up, and building lifetime relationships. Did I miss something? Let me know…

So why is it "Funny Erasmus Life"?

Don’t know about you but I’ve been waiting for this one! If you have no clue about this, I’ve been working with Erasmus students in the past. Therefore, besides being an Erasmus student, I was a P.R. and organizing events for an Erasmus organization. This means that I have a lot of experience, and I really know what I’m saying. I know things have changed since my Erasmus period, but hey, I can check Social Media, and what I can say is: ERASMUS LIFE was almost the same even during the pandemic. (With fewer opportunities, people were still taking every chance to enjoy their journey).


Here are a few funny things about Erasmus Life:


1. Desiderius Erasmus was the person who invented Erasmus and also the first one who went into this kind of experience. Here’s the mentality he had: “When I get a little money, I buy books; if any is left, I buy food and clothes.” 


Now let’s share the Erasmus student’s mentality from nowadays: “When I get a little
money, I buy alcohol; if any is left, I buy food and clothes.” 


Don’t worry, I know we’re not all the same, but let’s face it, most of the Erasmus students are there for the wild experience. Exploring new things, a different life, meeting new people, and so on. From my experience, I’d say only 1% are in there to study hard.


2. I met introverts partying harder than extroverts. That’s crazy but so true.

3. People grow up during Erasmus and learn many valuable lessons while living their best lives. 

4. This was mentioned before, but you end up becoming friends with people you wouldn’t even think about talking to earlier. It may seem that you have nothing in common, and a drunk conversation can make you open up more than you thought. We blame alcohol for many reasons, but it allows us to talk “all that bullshit,” and that sometimes can have a positive outcome.

5. If you search “Erasmus funny” on Google, Erasmus weekly will appear. Give it a try! 

A final word of my kind...

Let’s bring that funny Erasmus Life back WEEKLY! Hope we can connect the past Erasmus generations with the future ones. It’s all about helping, informing, having a good time, and connecting ERASMUS STUDENTS. 


Who’s with me?!

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