Top 3 mind-blowing and funny Erasmus facts

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Top 3 mind-blowing and funny Erasmus facts


Whether you’ve been Erasmus or not, I’m sure you definitely never thought about these 3 really fascinating and funny Erasmus facts. Before we get into it, I just need to tell you this: There’s been a lot on my plate lately, and I’m sorry I haven’t delivered any articles. Sometimes “life happens,” and we have to deal with it. However, I’m a former Erasmus student, which makes me a titan who gets back on its feet really fast. 


We were also expecting some really cool Erasmus guest stories, but apparently, “life happens” for everyone. As far as I know, many of you are having exams in this period. This is why, until we receive the guest stories, I’ll share some funny Erasmus facts that will turn your day upside down. 


You should probably know that the facts mainly focus on the longer Erasmus experiences (at least one semester-long). Even though some of them can be applied to the short period Erasmus journeys, like the Erasmus+ programs.


If you’ve been an Erasmus student, you’ll appreciate your journey even more, and if you are only planning to, you will find the Erasmus essence in the following 3 facts. So, let’s remind ourselves to smile more and focus on the positive effects of life.

1. Erasmus is a priceless journey for students, and they are paid to take it.

Did it ever cross your mind that you are basically sustained financially by strangers so that you enjoy life in another culture? If you think about it, Erasmus is like an extended vacation, where you meet new people, learn things about different cultures, and have the time of your life.


How funny is this? To be paid for having a genuine experience that you will never forget. Don’t you feel like thanking Desiderius Erasmus for this? Hey, I really hope you know who he is! Because he is the man responsible for these fantastic journeys that we are taking right now. 


The truth is that no matter how much money you’ll get for your journey, it will never be enough. Students have fascinating ways of spending their money fast. On the other hand, I’m 100% sure that any student can have the time of their life even on a meager income. You should probably know that the Erasmus payment that you get monthly differs from country to country. 

2. Erasmus makes adults out of students while they are having fun.

How about that? I mean, being far away from mommy and daddy makes you become your master chef, your cleaning lady, and everything else possible. Let’s face it, if you were a spoiled child, doing all the things on your own wouldn’t sound super cool to you. Also, guys here have more to suffer than girls. This is because most guys are not dreaming about waking up in the morning and cleaning some dishes (Girls don’t either, but they just feel like doing it anyway). However, this journey somehow pushes students to do stuff, and guess what. They don’t mind at all. Sooner or later, they even get used to have their s**t done by themselves and feel like they do it better than anyone else.


I remember that during my Erasmus, I met a super-rich person, who’s house was basically filled with employees. It was weird for us, listening to his story, as we were coming from a country with no such culture. In Romania, even if you are super-rich, you don’t have a person for every job (someone cleaning, another serving, driver, and so on). Of course, we didn’t even have the money to have that kind of culture. LOL. 


What was fascinating about him was the happiness that he felt while being on his own feet. He said that he didn’t even know how to make tea when he came in Erasmus. After a while, apart from appreciating his employees more, he enjoyed the freedom. He also loved his own way of arranging clothes in the wardrobe like never before.

3. Erasmus develops you professionally, even though you rarely feel like joining classes.



As nerdy and professionally focused students can be, Erasmus makes them feel eager not to skip a party. Whether it’s because their crash is there, or they met some super cool people, that excitement about going to a party will be ON. 


Here’s the funniest thing. I’ve seen introverts turning into wild party starters. If that isn’t crazy, I don’t know what else could be. The funny Erasmus fact is yet to come. Even though you leave the school projects for the last moment, you still grow professionally. Why is that? Because even at parties, you learn so much about different cultures and you start becoming an “open-minded” person. Sometimes, “creative” or “open-minded” are used in job descriptions. 


Without the most minor effort, you catch many exciting ideas from different people that can be used in your own country. Apart from that, having your resume filled with Erasmus already says a lot about you. These are a few of the things you get from Erasmus: fast adaptability, communication skills, creativity, and even a new language.


Now, tell me, don’t you find these 3 really fascinating and funny Erasmus facts?

The lessons for today

Erasmus is a lifetime lesson that students get while enjoying life and that someone else pays for.
Have you ever wondered why they would do that? I can just assume it’s because it grows innovative and open-minded people. START LEARNING ABOUT HOW YOU CAN GET THERE. 


If you need more tips and tricks about Erasmus, click on E-book. Have an incredible JOURNEY!

P.S. New guest story is yet to come. 


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