Fun facts about Erasmus

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Fun facts about Erasmus graphic

Fun facts about Erasmus

Fun facts about Erasmus graphic

If you want to take a break from the drama, today I’m sharing some fun facts about Erasmus. You will find out things that you probably didn’t know about. Every fact is based on reality and true stories and if you don’t trust me, you can ask our best friend: Google. If he lies… I lie! Each fact is continued with my “experienced Erasmus” point of view, so you don’t have to take everything for granted. Each person’s experience might be different. Anyways, we will end up in a trip to Ibiza together. 


Now, before I continue, make yourself comfortable on the couch (bed, bath tube) and grab a “whatever you like to drink”. In my case, nowadays, that would be some wine. Although, I strongly recommend not making a habit out of it. (Erasmus grandma talking) 

Did you know that...?

  1. The Erasmus program is named after a Dutch philosopher called Desiderius Erasmus who is considered one of the greatest scholars of the northern Renaissance? One of his famous quotes says: “When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes.” (Desiderius Erasmus) If we were to quote an Erasmus student from nowadays, it would sound like this: “When I get a little money, I buy alcohol; and if any is left, I buy food and books.”
  2. The word “Erasmus” is derived from Greek (erasmios), which means “beloved”. We can agree that it describes the Erasmus experience perfectly. 
  3. There is a saint called “Saint Erasmus, also known as Saint Elmo, who was a 4th-century martyr. He is known as the protecting saint of sailors. If you think of it, Sailors and Erasmus students have something in common: they love adventure and exploring different lands. On the other hand, how is your Saint life going during Erasmus?
  4. Erasmus started in 1987 and for a large part of European history, the opportunity to study in another country was a prerogative of the royals, rich or an intellectual elite. Today, luckily, everyone can join the program and by that, we simply get rich. (If this one makes you somehow sad because of this period, read this article, called Coronavirus VS Erasmus, to get your dose of positivism back.)

More fun facts about Erasmus

  1. If you go to Erasmus and don’t even know how to make tea … You have huge chances of becoming a pro in cooking pasta and frozen pizza.
  2. Many babies are coming from Erasmus experiences. We can call them Erasmus babies. There is a strong possibility to fall in love and remain together after Erasmus. Only the fact that you have lived such an experience together can form a lifetime connection.
  3. A group of Erasmus students has managed to get a couple “divorce” before they even got properly married? Yes…you heard me. I think it’s time for that short story I promised. In this way, you will understand what I’m saying. 

About that last fact

      Allow me to elaborate. During my Erasmus experience, I became a PR and guide for Erasmus students. That’s not important for now. You will find out in another story for better days how I got there. Anyways, my boss, who became a friend, has organized a trip to Ibiza. I was, of course, responsible for guiding the students, giving them tickets and information for parties and so on. I was the perfect irresponsible, responsible for all the activities we had on that trip. Now, there were two busses of Erasmus students, but between them, a group of grown-ups sneaked up. I’m talking about 6 guys who made a surprise “bachelor party” for their friend who was supposed to get married. As it was a special request, my boss said yes to it. The guys were not that old (26 to 30), so they could blend in fine with the students. We had crazy times and parties in Ibiza. The sad part is that… few days after we got home, the one who was supposed to get married passed by our office. Of course, my first question was: “How was your wedding?” I assume you can imagine his answer now… There was no wedding! From here, I imagined that having your bachelor party with a group of Erasmus students was not the best idea. Just saying… 


Anyways, it might have been something else, but I just imagined that scene where she wasn’t that happy about his time with an Erasmus group.

The lesson for today: Don’t blend in with Erasmus students if you want to get married! 


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I hope you got a disconnecting trip here with me. If you liked it, drop a comment. Don’t forget to stay home, so we can end this “bad period” faster. We can have fun from home and wait until it’s over to take our luggage again on a trip. Check this video…you will laugh some more.

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