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Erasmus weekly flag

Erasmus weekly flag - News dose

Erasmus weekly flag

 Erasmus weekly flag has been updated and your weekly Erasmus dose is here!!!

Hello everyone!! I’m super excited for some reasons that I will share with you. First of all, it’s been 4 months since the first Erasmus dose has been shared with you. We already have 404 followers on Facebook and a small Fb community on the @erasmusweekly group. I want to thank all of you and hope we will grow this together, so we can help future students to find their information, motivation, and support. Also, it’s mandatory to have a lot of fun in here, no matter your status. 😉

Erasmus weekly lessons from SHARED STORIES

Another great thing is that the Erasmus weekly flag has started to be filled with names and countries. We have four amazing and inspiring stories that share information and many valuable lessons. If we would make a short recap, what we learned so far is:

To give it a shot with Erasmus even if you are not the most sociable person from the whole world. There is a lot to gain from putting yourself out there. (Felix)

Do what makes you happy! Even if you take a decision that takes you out from the “normal life” and what you are “supposed to do”, DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! Always choose wisely but also take care of your HEART (Yigit)

Share your story and your experience with others. Erasmus students are the ones who can make a difference in this world. They are challenged to think differently and to bring positive changes. (Arjola)

It is never too late to pursue your dreams. If you have something in mind, there is still time for you to make your wish come true. Be POSITIVE and make the best out of your time, no matter how bad the situation looks like (ex: during coronavirus) (Elisa)

Thank you all for your great stories and for filling Erasmus weekly flag.

About the Coronavirus

I know…it’s a very annoying subject but it is almost over. This is also one of the reasons that I’m excited about it. On the other hand, there are many thoughts and media shares about a second wave coming. Due to this reason, I want to share with you Elisa’s video about the corona times. It wasn’t ready when she shared her article. I believe you should go back to that article if you haven’t read it yet. It shows how you can see a “damaged world” with different eyes. Finding the positive and get all the fun you can have.

Therefore, no matter what happens next, enjoy every moment as it is. It will be completely OVER and a closed subject at some point in time. Until then, we still have a lot of things to do. Don’t forget: personal and professional development should always be a priority.

Erasmus weekly flag - Feedback

This article has been mainly to share the latest info about YouR weekly Erasmus dose. At the same time, many more stories are coming to fill Erasmus weekly FLAG with entertainment, fun, and information. Before that, I want you to know that YouR opinion matters most to me. 

There are 2 minutes in which you can make a difference to all the readers of this website. You might also get to know the real person behind this website. I know that surveys are annoying but this one is short and fun. It also allows you to share anything you have in mind (you can even share your good or bad day if you want). You don’t need to share personal information or anything else, so I don’t know who says what. With this being said…click here and have fun!!!

P.S Enough with the lessons for today. Remember to share your story and some great vibes in here. Have a wild, wild WEEKEND!!!


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