What is Erasmus weekly celebrating in 2021?

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Erasmus-weekly-celebrating graphic

What is Erasmus weekly celebrating in 2021?

Erasmus-weekly-celebrating graphic

Did you know that Erasmus weekly is celebrating 1 year since the launch of the website on the 14th of February 2021? That’s right, it’s TODAY!!!


Thanks so much to all of you who keep reading the posts, ask for advice, and engage with me on Social media. You all rock!!


Now let me tell you what happened this year.


For YOU guys, I have made two partnerships throughout the year. Let’s see how you can benefit from it.

Have you heard of PADING?

First things first, you should know that this is a tool that can be used by the guys who experienced Erasmus and can’t get enough of it, as much as it can be used by newbies. Allow me to me explain why.


What can Pading do for you? It finds for you all flights and trains from multiple departure cities, all that to bring you closer to your friends. If you are far away from each other, you can explore all the common destinations so you can meet at the lowest fare. 


Why use Pading? Because it saves you time, money and it’s easy to book. I don’t know about you, but my friends are spread all over the world, so this tool can bring a huge smile to my face when it comes to meeting up.


Quick note – Pading’s web app will be launched in spring. 

They have a super friendly website and you can learn how to use it in 3 easy steps. Just go ahead and check it yourself. Keep it in mind for your next Erasmus meetings or simply go back to Erasmus weekly and check the main page. You find my awesome partners there.

Remember what we talked about Erasmus Play?

If you are planning to study at a new University, Erasmus Play helps you find your new home. It allows you to search and compare student accommodation easily. When I say easily, I mean super easy! You can choose your accommodation between residences, apartments, shared flats or rooms for students.


Having this tool in your pocket, helps you again save money, time and effort into finding the right place in a new country. Apart from that, their blog is filled with great insights and valuable information for you. Make sure you take advantage of it by checking their website.

 Check the other article related to Erasmus Play by clicking here.

What else is Erasmus weekly celebrating in 2021?

Guys, I’m doing this with limited time resources. It may not be much but taking into account that this is all FREE Information, motivation, and support that I and other experienced students are providing to help future generations, it’s sure something.


  • We have 8 awesome guest stories, from people who have experienced Erasmus,
  • 449 followers on YouR weekly Erasmus dose Facebook page,
  • 141 members in Erasmus weekly FB community,
  • 146 followers on @erasmusweekly IG account Guys.

Quick reminder- Erasmus weekly aims to help future Erasmus generations through the experience of past Erasmus generations. When you go Erasmus, you have at least 100 questions about this journey in your brain. That’s why, I together with other Erasmus students, are trying to answer your questions here.


We offer tips, information, entertainment, and motivation to YOU in exchange for nothing.

Your homework

 If you are an experienced Erasmus student, jump in and tell your story. You might inspire or help others understand what Erasmus stands for.   


Here’s to newbies – go ahead and check all the information provided here. If you like what I’m doing and want me to carry on, go ahead and hit the like button on the Your weekly Erasmus dose Facebook page, join the community and follow @erasmusweekly on Insta.    

Have a lovely SUNDAY, and thank you so much for being here. I’m going to cheer for you and YouR weekly Erasmus dose today.



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