Erasmus Tik Tok – Boom!

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erasmus tik tok

Erasmus Tik Tok - BOOM!

erasmus tik tok

Erasmus Tik Tok sounds insane for a title, but how are you?! No, seriously, how is it going? I didn’t mean that Erasmus people are insane because we know that for a fact. That’s the main reason why I MISS Erasmus!


Have I been missing for a very long time? YES! But I can explain. What matters most is that I’m back, and I’m back BECAUSE OF YOU! (Seriously. You’ll understand why further down!) And trust me, I’m super excited, so I just filled a glass of wine to write this article.


 I hope my ups and downs experiences can inspire you in your journey. For that reason, I came here with something sweet, and nope, not chocolate wine.


Regarding the title, it may be firsthand to think I’ve done an Erasmus Tik Tok account, but it’s even better. Just stick with me, and I’ll make everything clear.


So, grab your glass and cheer with me!

Erasmus Weekly REMINDER

If you are new here, you may not know that one person created everything you see here except guest stories. Guest stories is what YOU do if you want to participate and help or inspire others. By the way – I’m super thankful to everyone who shared their story here! 


Anyway, back to the point! As only one person is behind this project, there’s a problem if that person works a lot and is super busy. I created this project due to my passion and experience with Erasmus and as a way to practice new skills. 


When I started this project, I wasn’t so busy. I was trying to shape my career to fit my passions better. You need to know that I love this #erasmusweekly project, but it doesn’t pay my bills, so I need to WORK, WORK, WORK! Don’t worry, it just sounds scary, but I love what I do! That’s why I hope I’ll inspire you too! But we’ll talk about that later.

My last job was super demanding, so I didn’t have the time. (Oh yes, and when I had the time, I needed to take advantage of it. So, I did what Erasmus people love most – TRAVEL!) So, Tik Tok on the clock – 6 months passed, and I haven’t been around. Not here! Not on Social Media.

Why Erasmus Tik Tok -Boom!?

Hearing the word Tik Tok all the time may have influenced me somehow, on an unconscious level. But is it because Erasmus on Tik Tok is trending? No! Is it because Tik Tok is trending? Not sure yet.


I chose Erasmus Tik Tok Boom because, as I said, my last article was six months ago. I haven’t been around ever since. However, here’s what happened: the audience on this website continues to grow, and the audience on Instagram has doubled.


You may not know this, but I’m working as a Social Media and Content Consultant. No way in hell I’ll ever recommend my clients to create an account without being READY TO BE CONSISTENT in posting. That’s one of the primary keys of social media! The algorithms usually make you fade away if you are not active, so here it had a completely different effect.


Now, my first thought was Erasmus Tik Tok- BOOM! Why? Because time passed (Tick Tock) and Erasmus weekly exploded – BOOM. If this makes sense only in my head, that’s Ok. You are definitely used to your friends talking non-sense in Erasmus. Or maybe you will get used to it. Depends where you are standing at this point.


Back to the point. If you grow when you are inactive, it can only be because people enjoy that community or the content brings value, so we all want more of that. 

Apart from this, I got many questions about Erasmus and have been motivated by some of YOU. There are people I KNOW from here. How? You wrote your stories here, and we kept in touch even on my actual profile. (YOU know who you are! 🙂

So what's next? Erasmus Weekly Tik Tok?

What’s funny is that I had the title of this article in mind for over two weeks. I chose the title before even having a Tik Tok account. So yes, now I have a Tik Tok account, but it’s not called Erasmus Weekly Tik Tok. It’s not even about Erasmus.


My career forced me to create a Tik Tok account because I needed to learn the damn thing. Otherwise, some more time-consuming tasks were not on my TO-DO List. Besides, Tik Tok is like a black hole. You get in, and it feels like you’re never coming out.


Anyway, because I’ve seen more of you coming back to Erasmus weekly (AND I AM FORCED TO PLAY WITH Tik Tok), why not level up Erasmus weekly on Tik Tok? So, here are a few things you should know:


1. I shared a lot of my Erasmus journey with you here. I’ve got years of more storytelling, and I’m sure I’ll manage to share it in this life, just not now. For those who don’t know, my Erasmus journey was a catastrophe initially, but I climbed the highest mountains and lived the Erasmus dream. If you don’t know anything about this, read here.


2. My career also started as a massive catastrophe, and I ended up living the Erasmus dream again. What’s that? I’m a FREELANCER! I can work from anywhere, when I want, with who I decide. I always get to know new people, different cultures, etc. Now, this is something that I’m trying to share on Tik Tok through short videos. TIPS, MOTIVATION & FUN STUFF for those who are just starting their career.


3. It’s time for you to meet the person behind Erasmus Weekly!

How do we level up Erasmus weekly on Tik Tok?

Guys, Erasmus on Tik Tok will not be about Erasmus, but after Erasmus. It’s all about when job hunting starts. Some of you may find your place in a corporation and be happy. Others like me, who don’t want a 9 to 5 or can’t land one of those jobs, will need to figure something else. That something else is fantastic: FREELANCING!


I wished for a corporate job for a long time, and when I discovered freelancing, I was extremely thankful to all the companies that rejected me. Why? Because it a 9 to 5 was not something for me. I’m too creative for that. (Me being all modest, but hey, I’m proud. It took some time to get there, and I made it big time. I’m happy, and I believe you can do it too! Just be patient! Work hard! And you’ll get there! (Wherever you want to go.)


Enough with the drama. Here’s what you should expect from me on Tik Tok:


  • Freelancing tips
  • Career Advice and motivation
  • Travel Tips 

To those who decide to meet there: please drop me a message on Tik Tok with “Erasmus Weekly.” This way, I’ll know you are my Erasmus brother/sister from another country. You’ll know it’s me because my BIO says “Mood – Erasmus Weekly.” Now, before I leave you my leveled-up Erasmus Tik Tok username, there is one last thing I want to mention.

A final word...

I’m not going to give up on Erasmus weekly! NOT AT ALL! I’ll do my best to get back here and on Social Media as often as possible. However, guys, if you have stories to share- WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


For those who wish to practice their skills in content creation or copy writing, this is a great way to do something about it. Companies want the experience without offering the opportunity to get experience, so let’s create some opportunities together here!


Apart from that, you’ll help others. If you can write a story and integrate something valuable to other Erasmus students, you’re already a PRO. It doesn’t matter if it’s entertainment, tips, motivation, or anything else. JUST DO IT!


Just write to me on Instagram and tell me you have a story for me. It would mean the world to me too. Why? 


1. I get to read your story and live the Erasmus life through your eyes.

2. Because I don’t have enough time to write my own.

How it works?

Guys it’s super easy! I’m human just like you, so simply chat with me. But let me make it simple and clear in here:


1. Drop me a message on Instagram.

2.  Write your story in a document or email and send it to erasmusweekly@gmail.com together with pictures, videos or anything else you want to share.

3. I’ll create a graphic after one of your pictures. Only if you want of course. You’ll need to tell me which one anyway.

4. I’ll present you and share your story on Erasmus weekly. (You can go anonymous as well if that’s what you want. I never had that request, however.)

5. Tag you on Instagram again if you want. BOOM! That’s it.


Let’s go, people! We can do this! 


Let’s help each other and make Erasmus Tik Tok BOOM! I’d like my audience to be fun, thirsty for knowledge and ready to change the world with me. THAT’S ERASMUS!


Pssst: My Tik Tok username is @howaboutandu 😉


P.S. I forgot to tell you how much I hated showing up in videos. YES! I HAD TO DO THAT as well for TIK TOK. Otherwise, nobody gives a damn. So, again, out of my comfort zone. But hey…that’s who we are, right? 


See you on the flip side!



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