Erasmus student vibes

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Erasmus student vibes

An Erasmus student usually experiences two type of vibes. First type is the: “we’re on top of the world”, wild, high-intensity vibe. Second one is the: “we need Jose Cuervo” vibe. If your life at home is somewhere in between, in Erasmus everything is intensified. 


No worries if you don’t understand what I mean, you will get my point soon if you keep on reading. But one thing should be clear: nothing can stop Erasmus Students… They are invincible. Now, before I continue with the story and clarify my previous “Guru speech”, you need to meet Mosoiu. 

Meet Mosoiu (Ends with a lesson)

So, how many women do you know who don’t use a filter?! I am not talking about Instagram filters here but it applies to it as well. (2020 – no filters…100% natural) The thing is that she doesn’t need them because she is simply perfect. 


Now imagine the type of person with a no f’s given attitude. A woman with “bal*s”. First time I saw her I didn’t really want to approach because she had that “Sit down, we need to talk” attitude. But guess what? She is the exact person who helps your heart recover from any shitty situation. The kind of person who can see on your face if something is wrong. She will make you a coffee, light up a cigarette and say ” Now tell your sister, what bothers your soul?!”


Mosoiu is between the few people you can call at 2 o’clock at night and would always pick up the phone. Even though she seems a bada*s… she’s the one who brings you rainbows and tequila when you need them most.


Short lesson before lesson: never judge people by their attitude, appearance, looks, lifestyle or anything else. Get to know them, otherwise you might miss your Mosoiu.


First type of Erasmus vibes

Now back to the Erasmus student vibes and the rest of the story. 

(Recap for those who forgot or didn’t read: Me and Mosoiu… Wonderful apartment rented in Valencia… Time to go to university) For the full previous story click here. Now let’s see our Erasmus dream turned into a nightmare. 

Erasmus student vibes graphic

Now the first type of vibes mentioned are the ones we felt when we arrived in Valencia. It was pure adrenalin. We felt in love with the city immediately. With an amazing apartment rented and not too much money left, we decided to rent a car… so we can explore the whole city. (Relying on the fact that we should have received Erasmus money and two other colleagues to share expenses with.) As I said…it felt like nothing could go wrong and everything was possible. We had sun, a beautiful balcony, went to the beach, checked up some parties (that will also be a very good story to tell) and so on. With this being said …it’s time to go to university. 

Nothing to worry about-Student vibes

One week before University started, we received a welcome letter from Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (Campus Alcoy). We weren’t concerned about it because we thought that was the name of the campus. In Denmark we had many campuses in Horsens form the same university, located in different parts of the city. Now, when we had the first day of school, we actually noticed that the main campus in Valencia was about the same size of the city where we used to live in Denmark. Therefore, even though we were pretty close to the university, in order to find the right spot, it took forever. Forever means… using our broken Spanish at that time, to talk to everyone from the cleaning lady to the top management. 


The interesting part is that we got there and we found out that it wasn’t the right spot actually. Nobody could have found us on any list. Therefore…Yes…we freaked out… but not badly. I mean, we were sure there was a simple mistake and everything had a solution. Someone from the management asked us for the welcome letter and told us that we are actually assigned in Alcoy, which is another city.


 What we did was to immediately call our contact person from Denmark and ask:”what is happening?!”. They said there is nothing they can do and the only person who we can talk to is the International Students representative from Valencia. Of course, that person wasn’t there at that time and we had to book an appointment. Yes, we did! We didn’t want to take no as an answer because we were absolutely sure we needed to be in Valencia.

Strategy time-still calm

The only day when the person was free was 3 days later. That was the same day when Mosoiu had to take the plane to go for a re-exam in Denmark. Meanwhile, we have researched Alcoy and freaked out a bit more. We realized that we are very far away from that place and there was no way in our heads to leave from Valencia. 


Now, we thought that we had 3 days for a good strategy. “We will go and talk to the person and convince her to move us in Valencia” if that is the case. As Mosoiu had a plane to catch, and the meeting was very close to her departure, the situation became very unpleasant. I thought I could talk in her name as well, but in the end, she decided that two pairs of “puppy eyes” would have worked better than just one. She took her luggage and came with me to convince the “judge” that we were going to meet, to let us stay there.


 After explaining the whole situation using every emotional trigger we had, this was her feedback: “I’m sorry but there is nothing I can do. You were assigned to the Campus Alcoy and classes already started so it’s impossible to reorganize things now. Besides we don’t have the same courses you need.” 


"We'll figure it out"- Erasmus vibes

Now, probably if you are under 20 years old, you didn’t get hit by the “…there’s nothing we can do”. IF you are above, maybe you have already encountered it while trying to solve shit*y situations. Either way, the feeling is exactly like when the doctor says it. Something dies inside you and you know that there is simply no solution for that unexpected situation. The world ends there for you in that moment. But wait…that’s not the worst part either.


We didn’t have time to cry, scream, get angry or anything else because Mosoiu had to run to catch the plane. We were anyways in shock because we needed to figure out what we were going to do. For that moment, I headed home to the wonderful apartment and Mosoiu towards the airport. 


The only thing we managed to say to each other was: “Don’t think about it, we’ll figure it out”. As I got home and started to realize what was happening, I started thinking. I was trying to ignore the whole situation but there was a huge wave of thoughts: Should we move?! Should we stay? How is Alcoy? How is this even possible? What to do?!? As time passed, I was getting more and more freaked out and couldn’t talk to Mosoiu because she was probably jogging in the airport. I’m talking about this type of run.

"We need Jose Cuervo"-vibes

I went on the balcony to relax, put some music and started to cook, so I could take off my brains from the problem. In a couple of hours, someone rang at the door. I was a bit surprised as we just met some people in the city and none of them knew where we lived. I opened the door and guess what? Mosoiu lost the plane. She had no battery to call and let me know. We were just staring at each other without saying anything for a couple of seconds. 


Of course I knew what happened, so at some point I decided to give her a hug and told her: “Come in. We have everything we need. It’s time to have a talk with Jose Cuervo”. For the ones that don’t know… Jose Cuervo is a tequila bottle. Therefore, the “we need Jose Cuervo” vibes are the ones when “there is nothing you can do”. The type of situations when you are freaked out, stressed, angry, on the edge but you have to take them as they are. So, we put some music, started drinking, laughing, dancing, crying and didn’t talk about anything that just happened. We just ignored the reality for a moment as we needed to heal a bit before we decided what to do.


We’ll talk about our decision and what happened another time.


Lesson for today: Smart or stupid, life will anyway take us through both Erasmus student vibes. Everything will pass. What is most important is to find the right people for your soul, who in critical situations will make us feel like it’s not the end of the world.


I wish you all the positive student vibes and have a great weekend!

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