Achieved Erasmus student – Inspirational Guest story from Mikhail

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Achieved Erasmus student - Inspirational Guest story from Mikhail


Are you looking for an inspirational Erasmus student story? You landed in the right place! Here’s Mikhail telling his amazing story about how he made his dreams come TRUE. You will learn about the right Erasmus student attitude towards the times we are living in also.

Intro to the Erasmus dream - written by Mikhail

Hi, my name is Mikhail Adjali, and I am from Cameroon.

I am an Erasmus student, doing a master’s degree in Transnational Migration (the academic year 2020-2022). My host university is the University of Lille in France.

Erasmus for me, it’s a dream that started in 2018. I was taking a look on Facebook and I came across the profile of a young Cameroonian selected for the Europeans Development Days. I decided to follow him on Facebook and sent an invitation request. Then we started to talk and he told me about his career and how he managed to get to where he is now.

I said to myself, he has succeeded, I too can succeed. So I started to prepare my file for 1 year. In November 2019, I decided to apply for 3 Erasmus scholarship programs for the 2020 academic year. He agreed to coach me and support me in my file.

In March 2020, I received emails from all three universities, unfortunately, the responses were not what I expected. Two rejections and one on the waiting list. I was discouraged and lost hope because I had given everything in my candidacy file. I’m on the waiting list, I was advised not to give up hope and you have a good chance of getting back on the main list. As a believer, I put my hope in my God and told him if this scholarship is for me, then I know that you are going to work a miracle so that I can be put back on the main list, in some way or another. other, I leave everything in your hands.

When dreams come TRUE

Thus, after months, on September 10, 2020, I was incubated in my room, I suddenly received an email from the University of Lille informing me that “Hello Adjali, congratulations, a recent withdrawal has taken place and you are now back on the main list and now I have the Erasmus grant …. “

It was a big day for me, I informed my parents, who did not know at all what I was about to tell them but they were still proud of me. The mobility scheme, that was what fascinated me, studying in 3 different universities is something phew and exciting for me! And this is how I initiate the visa application procedures at the French Embassy.

I left my hometown for the capital of the country. I must say that I live about 1000km from the capital and to get there I drive for two days. Arrived in the capital, I began the procedures despite the health situation which almost delayed my visa application. After 1 month of waiting, I then obtained my Schengen visa !! Someone of mine, therefore, buys me the plane ticket, and one day after obtaining my visa.

I travel for the first time outside my continent for an unknown question, a culture different from mine, will I go to integrate easily? How will the people over there welcome me? I was wondering all kinds of questions in my head.

Embracing Erasmus student challenges

Once arrived at Roissy Charles de Gaulle, an icy wind welcomed me in its own way, I was so cold despite having clothes against the cold. A friend of mine came to pick me up and we went to his place, two days later I took the train to my new destination, the city of Lille. This beautiful and magnificent city full of life and exotic discovery opened its arms to me.

I arrive, I settle in my home, in my new, very comfortable, and brand new student room.

Embracing the biggest challenge - Corona times

Being in Europe in this sanitary period is a real challenge, especially for those who are used to living with people, going out, going to party and others, so here I am confined alone in my room, there are only me, my pc and my phone to connect with the outside. Had to adapt to this new type of life that corona imposes on us, I had no choice.

I spent a lot of time on the internet either before zooming in to follow the courses, participate in meetings with local associations and organize aperitifs between us comrades. In this situation, I also cultivated myself, I read a lot of books, watch motivational and sermon videos on youtube. But there were lessons, more lessons, assignments to be written, to present throughout the semester.

I made a few friends, spend some face-to-face moments with a few, go for walks in old Lille and the citadel while taking the small Lille metro daily.

Getting ready for the next challenge

My stay comes to an end at the end of January 2021, I had plenty of things to discover and people to meet, but this will probably be in my future host country, Romania where I will spend my second semester that I will hope will not be too confined as the first half.

The lessons for today: I guess you had a lot to learn from Mikhail. You should follow your dreams. No matter how difficult the journey is… have faith and things will fall into place. Embrace challenges as they come – that’s the Erasmus student attitude. 😉 You can learn more about that by checking another guest story from the Corona times.

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