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erasmus quarantine advice

Advice from an Erasmus quaratine Pro

erasmus quarantine advice

Believe it or not, Erasmus quarantine happens in life for some people more than for others. How can I say that? Well, it’s pretty easy. Right now, EVERYBODY is in quarantine but before this Global pandemic, some students were spending more time in “quarantine” than others. I am one of those who can say “BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!” Therefore, today I am going to explain why you should be grateful for each moment. I will share the story of my Erasmus quarantine. If you are curious about it, put your “couch belts”, we are taking off! This is how we do it. 

The ugly truth about Erasmus quarantine

So here is the ugly truth: some people have more money than other people. In the same way, there are many students out there who struggle financially during their journey. What do you do without money? QUARANTINE baby! Do you think it’s fun when everybody signs up for a trip and you don’t have money for it? I can confirm that it’s not at ALL.


This can happen due to different reasons. Some people leave with no financial backup but manage to join due to their strong desire for having this adventure. It was not my case but here is what I have to say to them: I ADMIRE YOU! That means you have courage, you are bold, you don’t GIVE UP on your dreams. If anyone is judging and thinking: why would you do that? Your thoughts are driven by the fact that you don’t have that problem. But what if you were in that situation? Besides, you should consider that those BOLD students might get back richer than any RICH person from that experience. In the end, ERASMUS is for adventurers and hustlers!


Others receive a lot of money and decide to spend them all at the beginning of the month. They will eat pasta and frozen pizza for the rest of the time but they will be happy anyway. This is something that most Erasmus people do, regardless of how much money they get. It’s just that you are rarely considering to take care of your money, even if they are a few. You want freedom, joy and to take advantage of any trip or party that comes up.


The bright side

In my case, I left with financial backup but SH*T happens anyway. So, the only thing we can do is to adapt, improvise and overcome. In one way, I’m happy it happened like this. Why? Because it taught me how to hustle. It made me get the job that allowed me to see Ibiza, Portugal and so many beautiful places from Spain. If you don’t know what job I am talking about, read the previous article here. It gave me the desire to work harder and get back on my feet. That is why I always say that from every BAD situation, you can get something GOOD. This happens only if you decide NOT TO GIVE UP. Follow your dreams! Keep working on your better self for as long as you live. If you focus only on what’s BAD and do nothing about it, IT CAN’T GO RIGHT!

One short Erasmus quarantine story

Well, I didn’t eat pasta but I was eating a lot of cabbage. The reason is that I was already fluffy due to my unhealthy lifestyle back then. (You must understand that alcohol is cheap in Spain and you don’t get to sleep too much, especially if you are on a roller coaster journey. After you read this you can check this article, to understand what I mean.) Anyways, I had my partner in crime with me at least. We were always finding something “crazy” to do. 


Now here is something that we did at some point. There is a website that allows you to talk to different people around the world. So, you are kind of in Erasmus, but from home. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with it, but there are dummy people on the site, same like in real life. That’s why I’m not going to provide the link for it. But you can write to me in private if you are the crazy explorer type.


Anyways, what we did, as the website functions with a camera, we put some bags on our faces and started talking to random people. If they were nice and funny, we were socializing and removing our bags in the end. If not, we pressed the skip button and got rid of them. Once you press skip, you can’t go back to that conversation anymore. You won’t find the person again unless you spoke to them and asked for their personal accounts. This is something that we’ve done during our “Erasmus quarantine ”. We had a lot of fun with it, just because we met random people and laughed so badly. Anyways, I’m not proud, but neither ashamed of what I did for time to pass. I had great times at home while figuring my way out of “Erasmus quarantine”.


Lessons according to your Status

The lessons for today: Nowadays we are all in quarantine but think about the rest of the time. If you are between the “lucky ones”, be thankful and know that you are blessed.


If you are between the “often quarantined Erasmus”, still feel blessed. Do the hard work and focus on your way out. You might GET RICHER than the rest of the people you know. I BELIEVE IN YOU!


If you are planning to go on Erasmus in the FUTURE, regardless of your situation, it will PAY OFF. Be confident, strong and don’t GIVE UP on your goals.


P.S Don’t forget that I’m still waiting for some stories. Check the previous article, BE BOLD and share a story that helps others. I will create a nice graphic that you can use anywhere you want.


Have a nice Easter and stay home! We will have plenty of time to celebrate after this mess is over.

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