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Erasmus motivation capture

Have we met?! - YouR Erasmus motivation

Erasmus motivation capture

Hola everyone. I guess it was about time to get to know each other better. As I said from the beginning, I wanted to leave your imagination play while reading my stories. For this reason, I haven’t truly introduced myself yet. What am I talking about? The REAL person behind erasmusweekly…the ONE who shares information, Erasmus motivation, and crazy, awesome stories from other Erasmus students.

Again, if you wonder why I do this…IT’s because I wish I knew more about the Erasmus experience before landing in Erasmus. It would have been a great way for me to avoid certain situations. Even if there was no corona back then…there were still crappy situations that I had to go through. This is how life goes…IT SHAKES OUR SOUL THE whole way. 

About the REAL person behind #erasmusweekly


Guys, my mission is to provide relevant information, entertainment, and Erasmus motivation here. As I said, my Erasmus wasn’t during Corona times. Even though, if you read my stories it means that you know I have encountered plenty of “uncertain” situations. First of all, I wasn’t rich and due to some errors, I ended up living in a foreign country and studying 3 hours away from where I lived. Imagine how difficult was that to digest at the beginning. Why am I telling you this? It is because either way, I have taken everything as it was. In the end, I managed to travel to so many beautiful places and build so many awesome relationships that keep going on.

How?! I was present and positive about everything because I WAS ERASMUS.

When I arrived in Spain, through Facebook I found out about an organization called “Soy Erasmus”. They were searching for Erasmus students to work as PR for them. All I had to do was to go there and meet with the founder. He took me in and in a short while, I was doing exactly what I was dreaming of. My job was basically to party and travel with Erasmus people and take care of them. DREAM JOB… right? 

Erasmus motivation and memories

Well, chicos and chicas…here are some pictures from my Erasmus that I never exposed here before. These pictures are from years ago…however…looking at them or talking about Erasmus, keeps these memories so alive! That is why, I wrote this article to again remind you that your story can motivate, inspire, and help others with information. There is nothing that will stop Erasmus from going because it brought too much good out there. It changes people’s lives. There is no such thing as Erasmus Virtual Exchange being the same as Erasmus. (If you have curiosities about what I said you can check this article here

On the other hand, you don’t have to lose hope that Erasmus will vanish because of Corona. This is just something we are facing right now, that prevents us from many activities we would like to carry. Remember though, that at some point, things will get back to normal and you will get the chance to have your Erasmus experience. You can do that either for half a year or more but also through Erasmus + organizations. Just keep your heads up and let’s create that Erasmus atmosphere here. 

Erasmus motivation picture

Short reminder : Share YouR Erasmus Vibes

For all those who experienced Erasmus at some point…please share your experience with others. It doesn’t have to be on this website, it could be anywhere else. Just make sure that you offer some Erasmus motivation, information, and inspiration to others. Let’s bring those memories back to life while most of us have to sit at home (FOR NOW).  SHORT REMINDER: I love graphics…I’ll make one for you if you share your story. You can use it anywhere you want. 😉

P.S. If you want to support me and like what I am doing in here, help me grow! Share stories, follow on Instagram and hit the like button on YouR weekly Erasmus dose page on Facebook. We also have a small community there. 😉


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