Erasmus motivation & tips 4 landing your dream job

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Erasmus motivation & tips 4 landing your dream job


Need some Erasmus motivation 4 landing your dream job? 

If you haven’t left “the arms” of the university, I strongly recommend reading this. It’s my own story, and I just put a glass of wine to start sharing this with you. It begins with tears and ends with cheers. Why do I share this with you? Because I wished someone had offered me some Erasmus motivation to get my dream job before starting the job hunt.

Landing my dream job - in process

If you haven’t got to job hunting yet, you should know that the process of landing your first job is usually filled with frustrations. Unless you’ve got someone to recommend you or give you a shortcut, you have to stay strong. 

Searching for your dream job is never easy, not to mention receiving rejections from companies who think you don’t fit. Some people have the financial support from their parents along this process, others from the states they live in. Others don’t. This lack of support can get you to land a first job that cuts all the years of studies you’ve done. 

So how do you deal with, for example, 5 and a half years of studies, two diplomas, and PLENTY OF REJECTIONS?! This was my case, and trust me, it was horrible. However, now that I think about it, I want to thank all the companies who have rejected me so far.

Between Erasmus life and employee life

While studying, life may be beautiful. I know I had a blast, even though I was working. My financial support ended after one year of studies in a foreign country. Here’s the deal… I’m a Romanian and decided to study in Denmark (an expensive country). One year after I started University in Denmark, their business failed, so I had two options: “get back home or support myself financially.” 

I took the second option with an evident Erasmus attitude that believes everything is possible. I decided to get a job and end my studies. So, I started working and studying at the same time. Hey, don’t think I didn’t make time for wild parties and friends. As tired as I was, I always had the energy to take a shower, put on some make-up, and go to a party. 

Even though I came to Denmark to study full time, the first two years felt exactly like Erasmus. The only difference was that I was working too, but that never got in my way.

From Erasmus to Erasmus

So there I was, in the final year of my Bachelor’s when I found out about Erasmus. I remember I felt like a child in a candy shop. I mean, getting paid to take one semester in another country?!? Getting the list with options to study abroad was a blast. As I stayed in Denmark where it rains all the time, I decided to go with the sun -Valencia, Spain. Now let me tell you that I’m most proud of that decision. 

Valencia is where my soul is most of the time, even after many years. It was simply perfect for me, with all the imperfections. I’ve got plenty of crazy stories that should have got me depressed in there, but they didn’t. You can read it here. I mean, all that sun was simply washing away any problem that I encountered. 

It was with UPS and DOWNS, but without feeling any of the DOWNS, if you know what I mean…


The Erasmus motivation you get

Even though Erasmus is a wild experience where you do many things for “the first time,” you still know it ends, and you’ll have to get a job at some point. If you went Erasmus, you feel like you earned extra white points during your job interview. It kind of means that you adapt fast, you love challenges, you’ve got some skills in a foreign language and so on. Basically, you’ve got most of the points written in some job descriptions. 

You feel confident that you’ll easily land your dream job with all this in mind. The only problem is that we sometimes forget we can easily be hit by a truck called “LIFE.” Especially if we’ve been Erasmus and got used to that life that feels almost perfect. By the way, my Erasmus extended to 1 year. How? I was supposed to take a semester and find a practical placement in a company after that. Luckily, I found a job in Erasmus, so I continued with an internship in Spain.

My "after Erasmus" story - trying to land my first job

Back to Denmark. First of all, after taking my Bachelor’s, I continued my studies for 2 years and took another Diploma. I studied Marketing, which was boring when it was traditional. That’s why I decided to get another degree to LEVEL UP. So, that’s how I got a Multimedia design and communication diploma (that’s some kind of Modern Marketing, let’s say). I loved what I was learning so much that I was excited to land my first job. 

Everything was quite simple but what came next was a disaster. I felt so confident because I had 5 years and a half of studies, spoke 5 languages, went Erasmus, was passionate about what I was doing, etc. It felt like nothing could go wrong. So, what went wrong? 

Now, I’d say absolutely NOTHING. But during the process, I felt like I was completely wrong. The more rejections I received, the more my confidence was fading away. The truth is, I am a Romanian girl in a foreign country and really don’t like kissing anyone’s a**.

Mistake nr.1 or not? - Networking

Networking was pretty important, but I wanted to do something on my own without asking for help from people. That’s somehow wrong, but the people I knew, I couldn’t call them friends. (After all, I’ve been gone for a while, people keep moving on). We were hanging out in the past but didn’t feel like asking them to help me get a job. This is somehow wrong because when you want to land a job fast, you should try to get some help. Obviously, companies everywhere prefer someone who’s recommended to someone who isn’t.

Mistake nr.2 or not? - Being picky

I had that Erasmus motivation inside me and didn’t want any job; neither was I asking for a dream job, but at least getting something in my field. After 5 years and a half of studies (and a lot of work to finish those studies), you don’t want to go for unqualified work. Luckily, I had financial support from Denmark. After you finish your studies, you can get money monthly for up to 2 years while searching for a job.

Mistake nr.3 or not? - Free work AKA Internships

So, I tried many internships but didn’t land a job and time kept passing. Companies were using my work, and I’ve got only positive feedback from them, but no full-time job. So, I couldn’t understand. I always asked for honest feedback when my internship was ending. They were going to get rid of me anyway, so why would you lie to a poor employer?! The truth is that I never got any negative stuff, but still no job- NADA. 

After one year of struggles, the pandemic started. Imagine how my chances of getting hired decreased 100%.

Looking on the bright side

With all my chances close to zero, I spent more time on this website for Erasmus students. I knew that everyone in Erasmus was devastated, so I spent a lot of time on Erasmus students’ motivation. All my focus was to help them find the bright side. The fact that the whole world stopped for a second at the beginning of the pandemic was not a bad thing for me (in my situation). But I imagined how some students felt all the excitement and happiness just vanished with some horrible news. At the same time, I was putting in practice with this website and kept learning stuff from the Digital Marketing world. 

What I’ve done was to use my passion to keep learning and develop my skills in a time that nobody gave me a chance.

Erasmus motivation - landed my dream job

Guys, my status allowed me to share this story with you. I must tell you that the answer to the 3 mistakes questions is: NOT! I made no mistake at all. I trusted myself and kept working towards reaching my goal. When I was significantly down with the hopes to find a great job that suits me, I was offered a chance. I took that chance and built my way UP. I kept working, kept learning, and kept trusting myself that I’d succeed. 

That’s how I LANDED THE JOB OF MY DREAMS. I became a digital marketing freelancer and can work from anywhere I want in this world. Basically, I can keep living my Erasmus life and hold on to my passion for motivating, entertaining, and helping Erasmus students. Nevertheless, I’ve met the team I always wished for. Now I’m creating digital content concepts for huge brands from the USA. So, I went from NADA to having an international team that trusts me and is more than satisfied with what I’m doing. 

Their trust went to a whole different level. I was allowed to build my own team to deliver the projects we’re working on. Imagine how that feels compared to all the “We’re sorry, but we already found someone who fits our requirements for this job. Thank you for your time and efforts.”

Erasmus motivation - YOU CAN GET DREAM JOB!

Guys, landing your first job can be terrifying to some of us. From personal experience, you need to be ready for everything and stay strong (especially if you are in a foreign country and have a huge ego). I’d recommend having a goal in mind, working hard, and trusting the process. Don’t blame yourself if it takes more time than for others. Stay strong and go out there to find what suits you best. One day, you’ll succeed!!!

One more thing, Erasmus means UP. 

Wake UP – Keep UP – Grow UP – Stay UP – Don’t give UP -Build UP – Level UP. 

You’ve got this!!! Get your Erasmus motivation and share it with others.

P.S. Share your Erasmus motivation in stories! They might have a significant impact on others.


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