Erasmus memories- Life is a journey

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Erasmus memories - Life is a journey

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Through “Life is a journey”, Arjola is bringing back some Erasmus memories to you. Remember Prague’s girl?! See what she has to say : “We all know that Erasmus will always be a feeling for us, not just an experience. And I always find it very difficult to write about this. But I do not believe I am the only one. You feel the same. And I am so happy and fortunate that we were the generation when the world and everyone were free and did not have to live by the rules and we could stand outside to watch every sunrise and sunset.

Back to Erasmus

For the first time, I went to visit the city of Erasmus, a year after the experience. Since I was in two places this time I was in Adana, Turkey (second Erasmus place). I could not wait to see how I would feel, what the place would look like, the people. I do not know if it is the whole situation that is happening now in the world or I missed it a lot or I just missed that period. 

I can only say that on the way there I was feeling as if I was going to another Erasmus or better as if I was going to find something I was missing. I always say that this second experience teaches me more about myself, my feelings, and who I wanted to be. And it seems like every time I get lost in trouble I want to go there to find the free spirit and ideas.


Even this time I thought I knew what to expect, even though only 1 week off. But how little I knew !! Meeting people who were part of the experience brought us back  Erasmus memories, which made us laugh forgetting for a moment that we are all facing one or more problems right now, but telling each other that we were there if we would need something. This is very beautiful, the most beautiful thing I would say from this trip. Because you realize that time flies very fast, we grow, we change. But some things never change. Ato te verteta.

Erasmus memories and people

 But many people were also missing. Part of my heart was in Spain even though I was there. This is because one of the most wonderful people I have ever known, but lives in this city. Others live in different countries. But we all have something in common. When I went to Campus (Çukurova University), the place where they studied and lived, I realized that that place had really changed. It was emptier than ever. Maybe Corona time or maybe I wanted the same people there. But we all know we will not go back there again as we were. One of my friends, who still lives in Adana, told me: “After you all left, nothing was the same. We remind you every time we get together and we miss you so much. ” You leave and there are people who are really waiting for you to return. This fills your soul. I want more such people, more such love, please world!!

I wish I knew

But there are times on such trips you also meet people who say, “I wish I had known you since then and we would have had more time and more fun”. In those moments you realize that many people in the world would like to be part of your experiences and adventures. Although when some left and you got hurt, you realize that after each trip you will discover more of the human being and your life. This gives you the idea of a lesson that never ends… And life itself is a journey and you can choose with whom you will travel and create a parallel world, your world.

The most fun part was when you had to go around the city and wwaa know almost everything. Shops, buses, streets and you can even understand that no bar has been closed or any new shop opened because it was not there at the time. Also, remember the cheap shops when you go do shopping and any other details. Excuse me, can I call this “feeling at home or at home?” “Every corner and street brings you memories.”


I have to admit that this time I saw another side of the city, of the people and of myself. Maybe because I wanted to see even more or because I was with the right people. People and moments, these are exactly what we need in life, nothing else. These change us and make us better or worse people.


That life is a jorney ...

I would love to share my every day behind there with you. But I cannot, it is not that I do not want. I just wanted to say thank you to those who were with me and made me feel once again that life can be lived in Corona time with hugs, even more problems, even though you work until 10 pm after it goes to the lake to drink wine or talk about life or useless things. Happy, very happy all I could say. It does not happen to say this often. But it seems that after Erasmus can make you even happier than at that time. This is because you know yourself more now and know what brings you pleasure and what you need in life. 


Upps… don’t want to forget something. Boys … (again) Think once to go an Erasmus there and tell me after. , P



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