Erasmus Lifestyle – 3 myths and 3 reality checks

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3 myths and 3 reality checks about the Erasmus Lifestyle


What crosses your mind when you hear these two words: Erasmus lifestyle? In my mind, it’s the lifestyle that you will want for the rest of your life. How is it? Is it healthy? Is it achievable? These questions are all up to the reader itself. Yes, that’s you! 


Usually, life throws many unexpected situations at us, not to mention, hell a lot of responsibilities as grown-ups. However, breathing some adventure and getting out of our comfort zones can only bring good stuff to the table. That’s why having a taste of the Erasmus lifestyle can teach you a lot of things that, in the end, you can use for the rest of your life. 

Now, let’s see how many of you empathize with me, and let’s give a quick overview to future Erasmus students. For former Erasmus students, I hope you can head over to @erasmusweekly social platforms and share some opinions in the last post after reading this article. A yey or ney should do the trick.

Let's start with 3 myths about the Erasmus lifestyle

1. Erasmus is all about getting drunk and going to parties.

Hello! Wake up! It sure is a lot of fun there, but don’t think you will become a full-time alcoholic. Someone has to pass their exams and pay their bills also, and your parents are far away from you. I’m sure mom won’t have time to call every day to remind you about the exams. Apart from that, she sure doesn’t have your landlord’s contact details. Or does she?! 😮

2. Erasmus is expensive.

As far as I know, Erasmus pays you a certain amount of money every month for you to study in a different country (depending on your destination and the place you are leaving from). It’s up to you how you manage it. 

3. In Erasmus, you don't care about anything.

Have you read the part with the bills and studies?! Apart from those, you can always have unexpected and unpleasant situations. It’s up to you how you deal with them.

Erasmus lifestyle reality check

1. In Erasmus, you breathe adventure

That’s correct 100%. Your entire Erasmus experience will be an adventure: 

*discovering a new culture, 

*meeting so many different people from around the world,

*dealing with things on your own.

2. Expect less sleep during Erasmus

I’m so curious if someone ever said that in Erasmus, they slept more than ever. This adventure usually harms our sleep. Whether it’s going to be parties, exams, or homesickness, you’ll probably sleep less than you used to. The main reason behind the lack of sleep is the fear of missing out. You want to take advantage of every single moment from your experience.

3. Erasmus will change you for good

We’re not talking here about a week with Erasmus+, but about at least one semester abroad. Somehow, when you return from Erasmus, you are a different person. Someone who knows more, who is more independent, and has a piece of their heart in their Erasmus city. Some people call it Erasmus depression, and I really disagree with that. If you ever think about it, just check this article and open your mind a bit.

Conclusions about the Erasmus lifestyle

It’s more to it than just parties and alcohol. Erasmus lifestyle can turn:


*introverts into extroverts

*spoiled children into grown-ups

*judgemental students into open-minded individuals etc.


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