NEWS & Erasmus life tips from Santa

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News & Erasmus Life Tips from Santa 😉


Are you interested in finding out some Erasmus life tips from Santa?! Have you been a good boy/girl this year? No worries…I guess everyone was good this year because we couldn’t do much. :)) Therefore, we deserve to get some presents and to have some fun. So, let’s have our fun together and I’ll offer some useful tips as well.

News about Erasmus weekly

But first …let me take a selfie! Just kidding…First, I have an announcement to make to all my readers. I know that some of you who land on this website are:

*looking for entertainment here

*curious about stories

*need information about Erasmus life 

There’s one thing that YOU ALL need to know. Apart from “THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE!”, I know everyone will soon have a vacation. The same applies to erasmusweekly! I’m kind of taking a vacation probably until the end of January with the articles. Why do I say kind of?! It’s because I will focus on developing Social Media (Facebook and IG). Therefore, I’ll move all the fun in there for some time. It will be more about fun and entertainment, so it’s for everyone (BEFORE AND AFTER) Erasmus’s life.

If you want to become part and develop the Erasmus weekly community…you know what to do. I’ll tell you anyway…go and hit the LIKE button on the FB page or follow button on Instagram.

To ALL of YOU...

Now answer this question for me. What do you feel when you hear these two words: Erasmus life?! 

A. Man…that was crazy…I have so many memories

B.I feel like it’s calling me but don’t know what to expect

C. Was he a Dutch Philosopher?! I remember I saw some quotes…


If you chose A, then you already experienced Erasmus and would go back at any time. It has a special meaning to you and probably all you wish from Santa is to get you back with your Erasmus friends. In this case, there’s nothing better than bringing back memories with them. Usually, our friends live in different countries than us, so what’s the best way to keep ourselves connected and remember the good times?! Well, first of all, it would be an Internet connection. Apart from that, Erasmus weekly is here for the same reason. We can share funny stories, Erasmus vibes, and many other things. This brings both benefits to your soul and Erasmus friends, at the same time it could help or inspire future Erasmus students.


In case you chose B, it means that you are thinking about that journey but would like to know what to expect. Apart from that, you feel a bit anxious about this because you will be completely out of your comfort zone. Obviously, you want to know what to expect. There are plenty of websites out there that share stories and Erasmus weekly is also here for YOU. Through stories, you can get inspired and get that Erasmus feeling that you keep hearing about.


In case you chose C, it means you are on your way to finding out about something awesome that can change your life. Dig deeper!!! Find out more about what Erasmus life means and get tips for your journey. Again, there are plenty of places with information apart from this site. INFORM INFORM INFORM! Erasmusweekly is not here to sell anything but only to build a community filled with memories and a good mood where Erasmus friends can hang together, have fun, and inspire others through stories. So I HOPE YOU WILL BE PART OF IT!

Erasmus life tips from Santa

Here are some tips for all of you who are going out there soon:

*Before your departure…INFORM INFORM INFORM YOURSELF! There are plenty of websites out there that share important things with you. 

*Don’t overwhelm yourself thinking that the Coronavirus will affect your Social life! Erasmus is a Challenge, same as Coronavirus. Keep up the positive mood and turn on CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. You will see that Erasmus students learn best how to deal with challenges and make a blast out of them.

*Check your new countries currency and convert! Learn how to deal with your budget before landing there. I know it sounds boring but student life is not easy for everyone, especially to those coming from a poor country to a rich one.

*Remember to find the right balance between fun and studies. Everyone knows Erasmus is mainly about fun, but never leave studying in the last place. 

*Ask about all the opportunities that the new country is offering you. Make sure to take advantage of them.

*Check the E-book on this website and read some Erasmus life tips that will offer you advantages.

*Last but not least…ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY TO THE LAST DROP! You will grow as a person and develop skills without thinking about it.

With all this being said… SANTA IS HERE FOR YOU!!! If you have any questions…dare to ASK! In case you have stories…dare to SHARE! I’m out there. Don’t forget to become a member of Erasmus weekly community where it’s all about Erasmus life. Follow on FB and Instagram where you get funny quotes and graphics. Be part of the ERASMUS WEEKLY community.

Happy holidays everyone !!! 


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