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All about Erasmus in Turkey


How about Erasmus in Turkey? Is anyone curious about that? If yes, then we have a guest story who gives answers and information to many questions. If you remember Arjola…she wrote another article about Erasmus in Prague. As she had the opportunity to take Erasmus two times, she tried something slightly different than Europe. But how different is it? Read and see yourself in her article above:

Arjola talking ...about Erasmus

I had always heard the famous phrase: ‘’ Once Erasmus, always Erasmus’’. But only after I tried it as an experience, I can say what does it feel like. After I returned from the first Erasmus in Prague, I have to admit that I felt like a part of myself was there, even though I was physically in my place. This feeling prompted me to look again for another Erasmus experience with the thought that everything would be like the first time. I never thought that the second Erasmus would be in a part of the world that I had always loved and would bring a new spirit into my life.

In February 2019, I left Albania for going to Turkey, at Çukurova University, in Adana. I could know everything possible about Turkey, but not Adana. The first thought was: “Let’s go to the end of the world now.” But later, Çukurova Campus would turn in my favorite place and keeping all my Erasmus memories. It seemed very far from my country and from what I had planned. But Erasmus is always Erasmus, no matter where you go. Adana made me realize that Erasmus and every other experience in life are not about where we go. It is about the people who become part of your life, how good we are at enjoying every moment and getting the best out of it.

 I could talk all day about Adana and it seems to be the closest place for me now, where I want to go and take a long break. I am often asked: Where was I most satisfied? Where was life better? Where did the craziest things happen? Which one would you choose again? Prague or Adana?

Comparing Erasmus in Europe & Erasmus in Turkey

I would say that I can neither compare nor list them. I am exactly these two experiences, these two cities that shaped a huge part of today’s and future Arjola. Erasmus in Turkey can turn into a real adventure as it is a place of a great variety of things to do. There is food to try, history to discover, and every moment of the day with the Turkish people everywhere around. One of the things I could not do in the Czech Republic was that I could not integrate with the locals. I couldn’t look at the Czech families how they lived and the culture they had, as we were all the time Erasmus students, travel and parties. Well, what were we supposed to do in the heart of Europe ?! 🙂 But still that country will always have a special place in my heart.

Otherwise, in Turkey, most of my friends were Turkish. They were not only helpful in campus life, but also in everyday life and we shared almost all of our time. I also visited some of them in their families. In fact, this is normal for them: inviting friends at home and making them feel part of the family. One of the reasons why I love that country so much is because it makes me feel like home. From the first article, I believe that you remember that I am from Albania, a country in the Balkans. There, the respect for friends and foreigners is as important as in Turkey. Maybe that’s why I love those people because they really make Erasmus different. It may be different from any other country in Europe. Why?  Because in Europe you may not have much contact with the locals and be abducted by another moment of life. I chose to take three best from both countries.

about Erasmus in Turkey

How about prices and food in Turkey?

If I would talk about food, I could write a book and not just a paragraph in the article. First of all cheap, in general life in Turkey is not expensive, very tasty, lots of food on the table and for people who love desserts, the same as me, it seems like the perfect place on Earth.

 Would you like Künefe and Adana Kebab now? Definitely me! 😊 The best ones. And something important to add, you can never go without eating a meal in Adana. Even if you don’t have the money always someone will give you to eat or try the food on the street saying: ’’ Afiyet Olsun’’, which means ‘’Enjoy your meal’’ and they do it with the whole heart. Another reason why I felt like home was that it reminded me of the streets in my country. These are things that I have not encountered at any moment in Czech…

Cultural differences - let's talk about it

This may sound strange or pointless to some of you, but if someone from the Balkans or Turkey is reading this, they clearly understand how important this is to our culture. After all, Erasmus is not just an exchange of studies, but above all cultural. And from all this, I discovered how many common things have my nation with Turkey. I can really call myself lucky as I had the opportunity within a year to live two lives on different sides of the world. This helped me see that life can be lived in many forms and how important people are in what we do and what are the moments that really leave traces on what we will be or the decisions we will make.

You will also find plenty of places to visit, in all seasons and to have a lot of fun. Adana and the surrounding places give the true essence of Turkish tradition and culture. An oriental spirit, unlike anything we are used to seeing in every place in the West. Although you will find it in every city there. And I can tell you with full conviction that a place where it offers you a life with western and oriental elements mixed with tradition, customs and hospitable people really enjoys different and gives you variety.

Erasmus in Turkey - About parties ...

Anyone might be thinking that if this Erasmus had no party. Sure, we had lots of fun, like any Erasmus, anywhere. But otherwise this time, I had learned what things I wanted to do first and to whom I wanted to pay more attention. If I say that Prague changed my life, I can say that Adana made me more mature and helped me to realize what surrounded me and what I wanted to do with my life. 

I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and we go somewhere to get the best out of that place and if you manage to do that you have won everything. You have learned a life lesson. Probably because this experience came when I needed it most at some point in my life and that moment, I stopped some things and realized the lovely little ones, but maybe I was always in a rush to understand them. These words will not be enough, but I want to say that was a wonderful Turkish experience, and thank you, Erasmus.

 HHmm…Wait! What about Turkish boys? Well we will need another article for that .😉 I have to say “Good bye” now and I hope to meet you somewhere in the world through your stories!!


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