Project “Despedida del Cerebro” – Erasmus in Spain

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Erasmus in Spain

Project "Despedida del Cerebro" - Erasmus in Spain

Erasmus in Spain

If this dose is about Erasmus in Spain, it can’t be anything else than a fun dose. This story is all about the good old days. On the other hand, it also gives away information and insights. I really hope you remember Mosoiu because she was part of my Erasmus Universe…. My partner in crime. If not, check later this article to get more laughs and learnings.

Anyways, we had our Erasmus in Valencia…and that usually offers tremendous opportunities in terms of parties. Spanish people know how to have fun at any time of the day, day of the week or week of the month, and so on. They just fill you with opportunities in terms of craziness, wild lifestyle, and fun.

Just to make it clear… “Despedida del Cerebro” means “farewell to your brain”.

Now, as we found our selves in the city of wild parties …at some point there is a celebration in Valencia called Fallas. This is something you should experience at least once in your life.

What is Fallas ?!

Fallas is a traditional celebration in the city of Valencia held in commemoration of Saint Joseph. It starts on the 19th of March each year, except this year… because this year was “Special” and everything got canceled. Prepare for 2021 though 😉.

This celebration takes you through heaven and hell at the same time. I will explain it as I saw it. It’s a continuous street party for 5 days. If you find yourself there by mistake…prepare to be amazed. There will be so many people on the street and a party opportunity at each corner. There will be explosions every day and if you are not a local, you might get some panic. I remember me and Mosoiu crossing the street. At the same time, two very old people were on the other side. You could tell they were locals. Why? Because when explosions started, we freaked out and almost kissed the ground…while they continued their walk while talking to each other like nothing happened.

Each neighborhood creates its own huge and unique kind of statue ( firecracker-filled cardboard and paper-mache). Each of those assemblies is called a Falla. At the end of the 5 days, guess what?! They will all burn in the street. To sum up…for five days you will only go through a fascinating atmosphere, parades, fireworks, and parties.


Erasmus during Fallas - Ready for Erasmus in Spain?

Now, as we were Erasmus at that time and found out about this…we thought to take it seriously. We were students, so we had to make a whole project out of it. Therefore, we decided that 5 days won’t be enough. We extended the period to 11 days of continuous parties. Me, Mosoiu, Magda, and other 2 friends promised ourselves to party for 11 days in a row without stopping. If you think that sounds like fun…it is …but you shouldn’t try that. We were basically sleeping a maximum of 3 hours per day (not even night) and then going out drinking and partying all over again. I wouldn’t recommend it though.

I remember I lost Mosoiu in one night. After 5 days, we ended up in a club. At some point, I couldn’t find her. No response on her phone, NADA! The last place where I decided to search was home.

Erasmus people don't give up ...on NOTHING

We were living on the 7th floor. When I came to the elevator, I saw puke all over it and thought “SHE IS HOME”. I went straight away to her to see if she was ok. She was in bed and looked like a zombie. I think it was 6 o’clock in the morning. I asked her what happened. Mosoiu told me that all she remembered was that one of our friends told her that she was a virgin and she got shocked. It seemed that this information affected Mosoiu pretty badly as the next thing she could remember was being in bed and feeling horrible. 😊) After laughing for half an hour, I asked if we should abandon the 11th days’ project because she looked pretty bad. Her answer was: “NO! Give me two hours, I’ll be back in shape and we’re ready to go.”

I know you might think this is BULLS*IT… but as much as we loved to party, we were “German” serious about projects and deadlines. Therefore, we never gave up on our PROJECT. I believe there is no need to tell you how difficult was to recover after this. On the other hand… that was one of our favorite projects. 

The lesson for today: Don’t try this at home, neither in Erasmus… (Or at least…establish a shorter period for your deadline) Also…be as serious with studies as you are with the parties. 😉

Have a wild weekend! 

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