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"Prague's girl" about Erasmus in Prague


Someone from Everywhere: “Yes! We have another guest story and you will love it… If you want a few insights about Erasmus in Prague, you should definitely read this story. Also…you might want to know how Erasmus feels or what it is, so here is a story…

 by Arjola Cela from Albania (…to Czech Republic)

I like to call myself Prague’s girl. That city will always have a very important place in my life and this for 1001 reasons and for more. It is a different kind of love. 


The year 2018 would bring one of the most beautiful surprises of my life. I would take the opportunity to exchange studies at Charles University, Prague. I still remember the first night in the Hvezda dormitory. 

I couldn’t sleep for a minute because for the first time in my room I was going to sleep with a stranger with whom we had nothing in common. At least that’s what I thought. In fact, we shared something very big, bigger than that room and our belongings, the feeling of being Erasmus.  That night we didn’t know that this feeling will be ours and forever, even though after a few months we would return to different states. 

My roommate, Simona, (I always called her my Sicilian) turned into one of my closest people in that experience. She is also one of the people I love the most in the world nowadays. Without her, Prague and Erasmus, would not have had the same importance when I remember them today.

Erasmus feelings

Just being Erasmus is like feeling the luckiest student in the universe.


But, I feel even more. I’m sure you feel the same now that you are reading my article. These sentences are the first I am writing about my experience in Prague. I thought I would never be able to express myself fully and I really think I would never be able to put into words what I lived there. Bring me the people of Erasmus I will look them in the eye and they will understand all the words I want to say.


Erasmus is not just an exchange of studies or a new education system. Perhaps the latter sounds strange to some students, but for students coming from the Balkans the education system in Central and Eastern Europe is different and this gives us the opportunity to master a new teaching method. Methods, which I try to practice with my students already that I am a teacher. I can proudly say that they too will soon be a generation of Erasmus.


Erasmus is a meeting and coexistence with a culture different from yours and you realize that the differences make people more beautiful and you learn that they can become important people in your life even though they do not speak your language or do not share the same culture as you. Every day you are on an adventure and discover something new in the world.


This is the most beautiful feeling because you know that every day will bring something even more beautiful. Erasmus is taking responsibility, but at the same time confusing your life in every aspect. But this will be the most beautiful mess in your life.

Fairytale view from Erasmus in Prague

Erasmus meant for me to travel to any place where I could put my finger on the map and not worry about time, money, and friends to take with me. These three seemed like they would never end up in Prague. And they never ended, in our memories.


One of the things that would make me fall in love with Prague from the beginning would be the fabulous view of the city. That city is magical in every corner of it. It reminded me of childhood fairy tales when I had thought that if I ever visited fairytale places I would now live in Prague. The place where every day I walked between the old and the modern.

Now comes the part we’ve all been waiting for. Parties in Prague, the craziest. I had never partied hard before as I did in Prague. It was crazy! I’m still not sure if we spent more hours sleeping or waking up at a party during Erasmus. Ahh, yes I mentioned Hvezda above. This place was everything, except a normal dormitory. Our whole life was there during a semester. Our mornings, laughs, cries, games, screams, hugs, kisses, drinks, drunk people, people studying, friendships, books, and more, which are coming to your mind now, same as me. You know what I mean! 


What is Erasmus?!

Erasmus is everything and your life in a semester. Erasmus is a mix of emotions that you can’t find in another experience. Erasmus is a program, but it’s actually something abstract that you touch and feel, but you can’t give an explanation. For love in Erasmus I am not the perfect person to talk about because what I wanted to share with you is that period is a period of peace and self-investment and my happiness, even though every morning and every dinner I could meet different boys, no one could take my focus away from myself and my Prague. From day one I called it my Prague. Well, now I’m trying to remember the most attractive guy during my Erasmus … Hhmm, but I am not going to mention him here. 


Above all, Erasmus is part of the great European family, and you never let go of that feeling and give it the feeling of being young forever. Do you feel it as well?


We are the Erasmus generation and we are created to bring brilliant ideas, the ideas that bring the world and people together, without any distinction and a great commonality: the desire to bring a change in the world. This is for all my Erasmus friends and for all the students that are thinking if they should go to one Erasmus or not. Listen!

If you really wanna change your life forever, go to Erasmus and live the most beautiful mess in your life. One day the world will read your own story. It is your turn now!


Lots of love, Arjola.

The lesson for today: Erasmus storytelling is connecting people. You already have some nice lessons from Arjola here. If you want to share your story or find out more about being Erasmus weekly, click here.

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Have a “fairytale” weekend!! 


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