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erasmus game challenge

Erasmus Game challenge: Experiment we can all learn from


How about an Erasmus GAME challenge? Hi guys! I hope everyone is safe and sound because I have some GOOD NEWS to share with you today. The first one is that, despite the current situation: Erasmus is still ON. As far as I have understood, you can still apply online for your journey. Even though you can’t benefit from it at this moment, you will be able to do so shortly.

Secondly, I will receive some more inspiring and interesting Erasmus stories that I will share with you in the following months. 

Third, I created an Erasmus game challenge, where we can learn more about each other. It will give you some insights about the countries I’ve been living in and maybe about yourself. Why maybe? I’m not a GURU, so you don’t have to take anything for granted. On the other hand, it will help me, to get to know you better and plan valuable articles for you in the future. 


With this being said, let’s experiment this together…let’s make an online Erasmus experience!

Erasmus game challenge RULES

  • Most IMPORTANT RULES: Keep it simple (and stupid) + Have fun with it!
  • It doesn’t matter if you are, have been, or want to go in Erasmus. You are welcome to join
  • Take a look at the following graphic and think: In which stage of quarantine boredom are you?! 

Green background – I’m OK (reading, Netflix, playing games, learning new things)

Yellow background- Getting just a bit nuts (Dancing with dinosaurs, talking to strangers from the window)

Orange background- BORED (Started barking at my dog, doing the toilet paper challenge)

Red background- I’m going crazy! (Feeding the “ducks”, staring at the walls, “I do weird crap when I’m bored”)

  • Remember your color, click on this link and answer the questions 
  • Calculate your points and see the “type” of Erasmus you are or going to be + the country I recommend (based on 3 that I have been living in and my knowledge about them)
  • If you want the representative graphic of your mood, write to me on Facebook (Erasmus weekly Page) or on Instagram @erasmusweekly. (I will add your name and representative mood in there if you want.)
erasmus game challenge

Erasmus game challenge RESULTS

The wild Erasmus player

(Between 20-26 points)

Let me guess?! You are crazy, insane, and love adventures. It’s the adventure that gives you the opportunity to shine, meet new people, and go WILD. There’s nothing that can stop in Erasmus and all those bubble parties are made especially for you. Because I am just like you, here is my recommendation: SPAIN baby! That’s the place where RULES were done to be broken. Where you can party from MONDAY until SUNDAY. You will meet insane and adorable people, always ready to join you. I don’t know about you…but I loved to be close to the beach  (Valencia). Mojitos and tequila are awesome in there, prices are low, food tastes amazing. What else could you wish for? Oh, and by the way…teachers know why you came there, they won’t expect you to sleep in class and pass all your exams with the highest grade.

The chill Erasmus player

(Between12-20 points)

My guess is that you are calm but still want to get out of your comfort zone. You will DO a lot of research before you leave. Do you need to put everything in place and make sure that everything calculated before you leave?Probably focused on personal development, so you will look for the place that offers the most benefits. If I am right, here is my recommendation to you: Denmark! The place where you will be taken out of your comfort zone. It has one of the 5 most difficult languages in the world. At the same time, even the oldest lady knows to speak English. It offers many opportunities to students such as: finding a student job (very well paid), super-advanced technology, and awesome ways of teaching (a lot of practice). You will get fast adapted to the Viking style of parties, which I am sure they are very different than most of the places you visited. 

The funky Erasmus player

(Between 0-12 points )



Maybe you are not in the mood for crap but sometimes you are. You want to focus on your career or maybe not. Probably you would go to Erasmus or maybe NOT. You want to see a beautiful country and visit new places. Are you looking for some place that people don’t always consider for their journeys? Do you you want something different? Well, my recommendation: Romania! Most people don’t consider it but it is a wonderful place with a lot of things to see. There is a seaside, high mountains, a lot of history but also the latest technology. There is a lot of diversity. Expect a lot of learning at the chosen university but also having fun because you will meet your “right” people. Whatever you imagine about this country, it will be changed and definitely in GOOD. People are nice and welcoming but don’t like to take your air. Therefore, you can stay chill apart if you want or join the wild ones when you want.

Lesson for today: ERASMUS IS FOR EVERYONE!  

P.S During my Erasmus, I was the wild and Mosoiu was the funky. We both had the time of our lives and would always go back there. If you don’t know who is Mosoiu, make sure you read this article about Erasmus student vibes. It will teach you new lessons.

Have a chill, funky or wild weekend everyone!


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