Erasmus feelings – Off for vacay!

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Erasmus feelings graphic

Erasmus feelings - Off for vacay!

Erasmus feelings graphic

Erasmus feelings are trying me right now, even though I am not going on Erasmus. As some of you already know from my Social Media platforms, I’m off for vacay!!! 


You are probably wondering what this has to do with Erasmus feelings but you’ll understand. Another reason than the small connection is because I want to drop a small message here before I go. It’s all about Erasmus feelings, the impact they had on me, and this website. It is also a short reminder about why this website is here.

I’m going to be short and clear, as my time is super limited, and I really want to enjoy this as much as I can. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a proper vacay or got even close to Erasmus feelings.

Off for Vacay X 10

Although it is hard to describe Erasmus feelings, I would express them like this – Off for VACAY feelings X 10 times more exciting. 


The experience actually changed me in all kinds of ways. I am Romanian, went full time for university in Denmark and from Denmark, I went Erasmus in Spain. I wasn’t rich, but I got involved in some Erasmus organizations that brought me many benefits. I became a PR and organizer of events in Valencia. 


Suddenly, I traveled to Ibiza, Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona, and so many other beautiful places for free. I was doing what I loved: talking and taking care of people while having fun with them at the same time. Due to my job, after my Erasmus, I have continued my practical placement also in Valencia. 


Even though I traveled a lot before my Erasmus, you should know this- there is no better company than Spanish people. Just kidding. What I meant to say is that there’s no better feeling than being Erasmus. And regarding Spanish people, I was partly joking… They know how to enjoy life every day of the week, week of the month, and so on. I have a little Spanish family in there that I can always go back to.


Erasmus teaches you so many lessons. Even if you would go through hell, Erasmus will still keep that smile on your face. No day is the same while you are out of your comfort zone, so your heart will pump like crazy all the time. 

 To see the enormous impact it had on me, I created this storytelling platform for Erasmus students. (where experienced students can help the future generation) 

Why would you share your story?

Once, it feels so good to bring back all those good memories, and second because you can inspire future students.


I really hope you will also one day share your story…on this platform or any other, you would feel like. In case you want to share it here, all you need to do is:


  1. Write it in a word document.
  2. Sent it together with a picture, after which I will create a graphic. (Ladies, please don’t expect the Illustration to be the same as you look in real life. It’s a character made after your features. I had to mention because I had some struggles with that, which I understood because hey! I’m also a woman.
  3. BOOM! You’ve shared your story on erasmusweekly.

 Have fun, bring back memories and maybe inspire others through your story. 


Here’s to newbies- If you want some tips, I wrote an ebook for students called” I wish I knew before Erasmus”. I hope you’ll have the best experience you can ever have and can’t wait to read your story. 




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