Erasmus during Covid19

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Fun dose about Erasmus during Covid19


Allow me to explain how I came up with this dose about Erasmus during Covid19. A couple of days ago I have read an article about the fact that all Erasmus applications for the second half of 2020 were denied due to this global stress. As I am a super empathetic person, I thought to myself, what would I have done in this case? 

When you decide to go to Erasmus, you take some time to make research, get prepared and become super excited about the upcoming journey. So, how would I have reacted if they would have told me NO to my application? NO, because this Covid19 decided to become so popular and started visiting all the countries all of a sudden. 

I would have probably been disappointed and angry about it, apart from all the stress from the situation. On the other hand, as an experienced Erasmus student, I took some time to find the bright sides. Therefore, let’s see how you can think about this situation in a different way in case you faced it. If you didn’t, you can still read and laugh a bit. 😉

Denied applications for Erasmus during Covid19

I know it’s a sensitive subject and maybe not funny for those who were in that situation. On the other hand, you will learn how to face sh**ty situations with a smile on your face. As you have seen from the previous articles, Erasmus students are becoming extremely creative. You need to know that this dose is meant to be fun. You need to realize that you can prepare yourself for 2021. From what I read, Erasmus is OPEN for that already.

I know it takes some time to prepare before taking the decision. You get excited with thousands of emotions running through your system. No need to say that you felt angry and disappointed. On the other hand, here is a fun and bright side.

Benefits from a denied application during Covid19

  1. You have postponed that “INNER KOMBAT”…which means the difficulty of choosing between a PARTY and A DEADLINE. When you will have your experience, there will be many times when you will have to make a choice. Oh…and TRUST ME. IT’S DIFFICULT.
  2. You saved your liver some stress. Even to the most anti-social people, Erasmus will make it difficult to say no to all kinds of cocktails. Either way, don’t worry, you still have time to ruin everything.
  3. Your chances of becoming a mom/dad during Erasmus have come close to 0. As you get older, you get more prepared for this. So Covid19 gave you at least 6 more months to get ready for that in case S*IT happens.
  4. You postponed a bit the AFTER Erasmus Depression. In half a year, you will become a bit more mature and will be able to manage your horrible feelings differently. Either way, I need to warn you…this is a REAL THING. When you get back from your ERASMUS, you will keep dreaming or finding ways to GO BACK TO IT again.
  5. You got some time to prepare yourself and get more informed. Make that time count.
  6. There are so many options available for Erasmus that you can’t count. If that’s what you are dreaming of, there is nothing that can prevent it from happening, whether it is now or later. All you need is to SEEK and get informed of the Opportunities you have.

Lifetime lessons

As you have seen, all the Erasmus people tend to find the bright side. This is something super beneficial for any person who faces a DENIAL, PROBLEM, DIFFICULT CHOICE. Learning how to make time count and take everything as it comes, is one of the things that will define you after your ERASMUS journey. Many were caught in Erasmus during Covid19. They didn’t have the proper experience with traveling and everything included. Although…what did they do? Well, if people became creative during this time, ERASMUS people became INCREDIBLY CREATIVE. They found ways to spend time, connect with each other, and have fun despite all the NEGATIVE aspects.

With this being said, that is exactly what I am suggesting you do. Find more inspiration from the other articles here. Don’t forget to find the bright side in any negative situation and learn from others. 


P.S. This was my ERASMUS SONG. If you don’t understand it’s message, I recommend to check the translations. 😉

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