Erasmus 2021 – Watch OUT!

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Erasmus 2021 graphic

Let's picture Erasmus 2021

Erasmus 2021 graphic

Can you picture Erasmus 2021?! It’s so close and yet it seems like a long ride, especially nowadays with all the crap going on. However, I’m curious how your imagination rides… Mine is crazy as hell but that’s what I’m going to share with you today. Let’s just say…it’s nothing DARK…but all Funny. Is there some darkness if I’s say that Quarantine and Erasmus have something in common?! Guess what?! They both get you FAT! 😊) I’ll explain this later…

So here’s your weekly Erasmus dose:

Removing the DARKNESS

Is anyone picturing it as Erasmus Virtual Exchange kind of thing?! I sure hope you are NOT. I believe it ain’t gonna happen. It may be an option for some Erasmus organizations at the moment but do you believe that ERASMUS can ever turn into that?  Let’s face it…life has to carry on with or without this covid19. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but this experience is part of LIFE (and one of the best parts). Therefore, nobody will give up on that.

Some students fear that this situation will ruin their Social life during Erasmus, even if they go there. With this thought, you might even be tempted to give up. DON’T GO THERE! If you have the chance to get this experience and you want it…there is nothing that can stop you. (Sooner or later) Of course, you won’t leave if borders are closed and the situation is messed up, but otherwise, you can still picture it and make it happen. Besides, there are so many opportunities available.

Quarantine = Erasmus = FAT (theory)

So, here’s the deal about what I said earlier. Unless you are one of the lucky basta**s who are “unfattable”, my theory is REAL. Quarantine gives us some extra curves because we spend way more time at home. At home, we all have a fridge…and we all know what is in there. Apart from that, we avoid or can’t go to crowded places like gym, pool or others and IT’S freaking cold outside…no way I’m going to go jogging. You might say that you can exercise at home…I’m watching you! Let’s see how that motivation comes out!

I assume you got that point. Now in Erasmus is a totally different story. During my Erasmus, I was 10 kg more than now. (Most of my friends were…EXPECT LUCKY ONES) There was no corona back then but guess what?! It was alcohol, not so much sleep, fast food because there’s no time to waste, and so on… Therefore… FAT!!! So… WATCH OUT!

How I picture an Erasmus 2021 Party...

As I said earlier, I’m pretty positive about this. Everything will get back to normal soon. With this being said, I picture Erasmus 2021 all crazy. Students will:

*Have their awesome parties

*fall in love

*drink like crazy

*stay all night to finish their project because they have a deadline

*go on trips and meet new people and so on.

On the other hand, this is how I picture a cool Erasmus party in 2021:

The lesson for today: WATCH OUT! STAY AWAY FROM DARK THOUGHTS AND THE FRIDGE!!! 😀 I wish you all a great Sunday! I also hope to get some cool stories from you or your thoughts about how you picture Erasmus 2021.

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