Erasmus 2021 – “Should I stay or should I go?!”

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Erasmus in 2021 - Should I stay or should I go?!

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Are you concerned about being Erasmus in 2021? Here’s the thing – there’s nothing wrong with having doubts or questions. As a matter of fact, students are usually concerned about their future journey even in, let’s call it – “normal times”. There are thousands of questions that you ask yourself before you make the decision, even if you are excited about the journey, and now Covid19 raised the most difficult of them all – “Should I stay or should I go?”

Today I’ll share some answers to the questions behind this main one (questions received from some of you):

“What if I go and have only online classes in Erasmus?”
“How will my Social life look like?”
“What happens if I get stuck in that country?”
“Should I go if I won’t be able to travel?”
“What if someone from my family gets sick and I can’t go home?”

Guys, I’m standing between the most positive people you may know. I always say yes to challenges and adopt that mantra “NO RISK, NO GAIN”! Even so, Erasmus 2021 asks for more thinking than “Go with the flow”! So please read carefully until the end and make the right choice for your future journey.

Grab a comfy seat, and let’s break things down. I won’t be able to tell you what to do, this is your decision to make! On the other hand, my mission is to guide you through the pros and cons, offer some recommendations and motivation.

Erasmus in 2021 - "Nowadays"

Apparently, Covid19 doesn’t give us a break. The actual situation is not really how we imagined. We all thought that 2020 was a crappy year, but 2021 didn’t start that promising either. I found out that Erasmus keeps rolling, but the question is – is this the Erasmus you want?

In the present, we are facing these shifts from “travel allowed” to “total lockdown”. I know people get excited about this journey – been there, done that! But hey, let’s put things in balance.

Let's look at the PROs

Online classes and social life are not an issue – Many students who enrolled themselves are worried about their social life, in case there will be mainly online classes.

I have no doubt that International students always find a way to make friends, socialize, and have fun. So if you are worried about your social life, I think this won’t be your biggest issue. You will connect to people even through online classes and get to meet them with any chance.

Got stuck in a new country – You can learn more about this from people who got stuck when this whole situation was raised in Europe. Just check this link and see how they dealt with the problem.

You GROW-UP! – Being an Erasmus student will make you learn how to deal with shit like a grown-up. It will teach you so many valuable lessons without even trying to think about them.

Becoming Fearless – Erasmus students become usually fearless and just put on that magic positivity coat that makes them feel unbeatable (if that’s even a word).

But guys, please keep on reading as you need to ask yourself some more questions.

MUST read CONS - the real issues

The situation is super uncertain. Even if you travel to a country that seems to be safe, you never know what happens next week. Changes are happening on a super-fast basis. Today it may be ALL CLEAR and next week a complete LOCKDOWN. So you may adopt that positive mantra and that magic coat but here’s what you need to think of:

What if you can’t travel? – I mean Erasmus is mainly about experiencing a new culture, meeting new people, and traveling to new places. If you go there and get stuck in a home due to Covid19, you won’t be able to get the best out of it.

Homesickness – this is an issue even when things are going well around us. Now just think about these uncertain times, that might prevent you from seeing the loved ones when you really need it.

THE BIGGEST ISSUE – What if someone from my family gets sick? I’m telling you that this right here is the REAL AND MOST HORRIBLE ISSUE.

Allow me to share my own experience. I’m 2300 km away from my family and faced this situation. Imagine this – mom being in the hospital in a very bad shape and dad stuck at home in quarantine. ME? I can’t go home because I should stay for 2 weeks in quarantine and wouldn’t be able to see or help any of them. Of course, you can see the bright side that you couldn’t do anything even if you were home and that you are safe where you are. On the other hand, finding the updates last, being so far from home, and not knowing when you are able to see them in this situation and these times – IT SUCKS BIG TIME!

Conclusions, recommendations & the bright side

Guys, just think if this is this is what you really want and if you could handle all that uncertainty. You must find out what is best for you and remind yourself that every problem has a solution in the end.

Some may think that this is your chance and won’t miss it, being optimistic that things will change in your favor and you’ll get the best out of the experience. Others will be afraid and think they should drop the balls for now but will stress out about “what if” after they say no to it.

Whether you are ready to go all-in or decide to postpone your journey, I fully support your decision. Just make sure you put in balance everything according to the type of person you are. The situation will hold for some while in 2021 to “what if”, “maybe”, “hopefully”.

Remember this: even though you postpone this journey, there are plenty of opportunities in the future to get this experience. You shouldn’t be upset or lose that enthusiasm! Neither should you keep thinking “what if”. There are exchange opportunities even after you finish university if that is the case. If that’s the adventure or experience you really want, you will get it sooner or later, so HEADS UP!

The lesson for today: “Our future is built by the choices we make, so choose wisely!” Ask others, inform yourself, and put everything in balance before you take that decision.

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