4 benefits in Erasmus 2021-2022 that I didn’t have

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4 benefits in Erasmus 2021-2022 that I didn't have

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Want to learn about the 4 benefits of Erasmus 2021-2022 that I didn’t have during my Erasmus?


You get three profound benefits for Future generations that you should learn about + 1 funny that Old Erasmus generations will like + a bonus common ground.


As you noticed, our lives have changed radically since 2020. Many of the students who are supposed to become Erasmus are afraid that their journey will suffer significant changes. The main concern students nowadays have is about their Erasmus social life. 


I’m not going to lie to you- some things have changed, but why not focus on the good changes? 

Some of you already know about my optimistic approach and ways to see the whole part of the glass. So let’s look at the bright side of Erasmus 2021-2022.

1 .Access to information

You have so much access to information about your future journey and can easily find out what’s happening around you. It’s easy for you to find out:


  • how to fill papers,
  • everything you need to know about Erasmus in the country, you will live in, 
  • the best accommodation for your through websites like Erasmus Play

If you read my stories, access to information is one of the things that I missed most. The thing is that we can blame it on the fact that my Erasmus was a long time ago. However, students can still face difficulties when they don’t take advantage of all their given information. 

2 Erasmus without paper

Have you heard of it? It is an obligatory part of the new Erasmus+ program from January 2021. 


This new approach comes with a lot of advantages for students. How? It will enable you to benefit from less bureaucracy and paper-based documentation handling, so you are better positioned to manage the process yourselves.  

Apart from that, if things go digital, paperwork and the administrative situation won’t give so many problems and errors anymore, and things will go a lot faster. Should I make it clear where this is going? I’ll tell you – it to leads to the possibility of offering more opportunities to more students. If you want to learn more about it, check this source.

3 Online classes in Erasmus 2021-2022?

“Thanks to Covid19” (but no thanks!) both students and teachers got used to online classes. Unless necessary, those will surely not be an option for Erasmus, but it gets there even in the case it gets there… Can you imagine how fun is to “be present in class” with your PJs when your head hurts from a long night spent with your friends? I know some of you may consider it a burden, but I’m telling you that it would have been quite a blessing for me a couple of years ago.  

Not to mention that my conscience didn’t allow me to skip classes, so sometimes I was getting dressed and prepared until my demon from the inside would have said: “GO BACK TO SLEEP”. Nowadays, problem solved—no dress-up and preparing. You either attend with a formal top and your PJs under or not even bother at all.

4 Places to share your stories, get unlimited motivation, entertainment, and support

There are plenty of Erasmus student networks that you may already know. (such as ESN, Erasmusslife etc.)


You have plenty of options to become part of an online community that is part of your journey and stands there for you after that. 


One of those options is also Erasmus Weekly. Don’t forget that this platform is here to take you on an Erasmus journey every week. That’s why it offers stories, entertainment, motivation, and support. (P.S. I can’t wait to hear your story.)


Whatever you need, never hesitate to ask any question you might have at erasmusweekly@gmail.com 


Also, you have to option to write on the Facebook Page or Community and Instagram.

I would love it if you joined our community of Weekly Erasmus Students. 

What's common for good old Erasmus days and Erasmus 2021-2022?

I know for sure that one thing will never change. That thing is that Erasmus, at any time, changes your life in a significant way. You will grow without any efforts, learn many new things about a different culture, and become an open-minded person for the rest of your life.


The lessons for today: Inform yourself and take full advantage of the technological advances. Don’t forget to look at the bright side of things, as Erasmus will always be a lifetime experience. I wish you all the best of luck.


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