Top tips for those who want to study abroad - Ebook


Whether you want to study abroad or have an Erasmus experience is more or less the same thing. The difference stands in the length of your journey. What matters most before taking that step is to make sure you have all the information you need. 


The “I wish I knew before Erasmus” E-book offers some advantages to a person who lands in a foreign country. The best part is that these tips work, no matter what your destination country will be. To make it clearer to you, here is what you should expect:


  • tips about cheap traveling
  • tips for finding suitable accommodation 
  • advice, motivation, and support


As a former student who qualifies in both cases, I have packed an E-book with top tips for you. My experiences have taught me a lot and mainly on the hard way. This is why I want to provide all the help for future students, to make YOUR life much easier.


If you want to know more about me, you are welcome to read my intro or any other articles. I am always available if you have questions. You can find me both on Facebook  or join my small community . If you want funny quotes and also getting social, follow @erasmusweekly on Instagram. Good luck out there!!! Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD YOUR EBOOK! It’s FREE by the way.