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cover letter Erasmus + graphic

Bomb crazy original Cover letter for Erasmus +

cover letter Erasmus + graphic

Now, you may think that the title is “promotionally” written…if promotionally is even a word. Truth is that I MEAN EVERY SINGLE WORD!

If you don’t trust me with that, read it yourself and drop a comment on Facebook or Instagram to tell me if I was wrong! I can’t wait to hear from you!

P.S. Don’t forget to thank Bi for this copy! If you don’t know who she is, check her story later. She is the SMART, UNIQUE, AND AWESOME BRAIN behind this.

Before sharing it with you, I’d like to wish you all a great and beautiful spring (WAY DIFFERENT FROM THE PREVIOUS ONE WE HAD WITH COVID). Tomorrow it’s the 1st of March!!! 

Now, back to the point, here’s the most original cover letter I ever read:

Cover letter for Erasmus + (Bianca)

I would like to start this letter less formally, and how else can I do that than with a simple greeting?

Hi! My name is Bianca, and on this occasion, I am writing such a letter for the first time. I will try to tell you in a few rows about who am I and I really hope this description will help you realize (I know this is not exactly the purpose of a letter of intent, but I like to be original, and if that prevents you from reading on then don’t read… originality still remains part of me and sometimes the rules are made to be broken) if you can put me in the category of those with the “right” intentions to participate in this project.

Who am I? … good question. Or rather: What am I? Chemically, I am an accumulation of several hundred million atoms arranged in a certain order and in a unique way. From a spiritual point of view, I am only body and soul. From Aristotle’s point of view, I am “a social animal.” My ID “says” that I’m just a name with an address (two, if I put the floating one) and associates me with a series of a few digits. But from my point of view, it’s just me and nothing else. If I were to describe myself in a few words, I would choose to say that I am a cheerful, communicative, kind girl with a sense of humor. At first glance, I am emotional and slightly shy, but once I get to know certain people better, I become more open emotionally, more sociable, I would say. Although it sounds like a cliché, I still haven’t discovered the synonyms for these simple words… yet.

I rediscover myself every day and I do not notice significant differences between the person I am at the moment and the one I was five days ago. I may formulate other opinions about what is happening around me, about the people I get to know in more detail, and about the opinion, they have about me. I believe that no day is lost as long as I did something small or I had a broader achievement that I enjoyed at the time. The person I am is due to the things I do and the behavior of those around me towards me. For now, I don’t think I can change much about who I am, but just change my perception about the world I live in. I am a punctual and calculated person and I can say that I strive to get to the place where I have to be ahead of others even if I fail every time. I happen to arrive a few minutes later, but not so much as to affect my “reputation” in any way.

I integrate into groups, generally in those that make me feel at ease, which is made up of people who look like me but also those who arouse my interest, kind, funny, and cheerful people. I’m addicted to the people around me because they sometimes instill in me what I am and “feed” me with the idea that we’re all different (but that doesn’t mean we can’t borrow anything from each other).

I always need a “battle” plan, the security that I don’t always have in the survival kit in this artificial jungle that I have to go through every day. I live from details and explanations that I would like to hear from others, but that I also end up giving. When I know that I have a duty to someone and I have something to do that I have never tried before, I pay attention to everything I am told to do and even if I happen to make mistakes, I always “blame it” on fate. Details, details… they build up our whole life and as we pay more attention to them, we understand things better. I pay attention to details from several points of view: 

I pay attention to the last point on “i” when writing a greeting card for my brother’s birthday, I pay attention to the clock when there are a few minutes until a boring course ends and it’s time to go home, I’m careful about how much flour I have to put in the pancake composition under my mother’s close attention… I’m generally attentive to less complex things, but which I think worth all my dedication.

I can say that I am in the same pot with creative and imaginative people, but at the same time with a feeling of insecurity. I am tempted by the idea of trying a new cake recipe, although they are not my strong point in the kitchen. On one side, I am also afraid of wasting the ingredients in vain, as happened on my last attempt to make cakes. Like any person, I have a certain fear of failure at some point, but in the end, I realize that no one will “cut my head off” if I’m wrong. It is said that in the end, we regret the things we did NOT try and I do not contradict the person who thought about that.

In terms of optimism, I’m pretty good at it and that’s because I’ve always had it with me lately. I have it in the morning, when I wake up, even if I have a busy schedule that day or I have an exam to take and I think that everything will be fine and at the end of the day I will be able to sleep peacefully. I am optimistic in college, even if some days I am surrounded by gloomy faces thinking about a cup of coffee because they have to endure a boring and endless course, or about the warm bed and soft pillow waiting for them after a tiring day. I am also optimistic in the evening when I remember that I have to start again the next day and I have not yet finished the project at, “Occupational Medicine” or I have not learned properly for the Cardiology test. But then I realize that in the end, I will get rid of all this, even if there are more to come. As Dalai Lama used to say, “Happiness is not something already done, it comes from your deeds.” That should be the goal of everyone in life… to be happy!

I’m altruistic, I’m the kind of person who helps anyone, anyway, anytime. I am caring and affectionate because that’s how I feel, I feel like who I need to be. I like to be useful when I help someone, even if I don’t offer much help. I always think that if I can do something, why not do it? … especially if it’s useful to someone in need. If I do something for a person, the only thing I think I have to lose is time and not in the true sense of the word. Maybe in the few hours, I helped a colleague complete an elaborate project I could sleep, or watch a movie, but the satisfaction I get when I know I did something with love is growing. So, no moment in my life is wasted and that’s because I choose not to regret many things that happen and that could affect me if I “allowed” them.

I would like to mention that I participated in an Erasmus project in Poland in 2017 and I was very excited in all respects about what this kind of experience means. That’s why I thought of trying to repeat this as much as I can and for as long as my student life allows. The responsibilities of the “complete” adult are approaching and although I look forward to them, tomorrow is even closer than graduation.

That being said and written, I am Bianca (or Bi, Bichelle, Bia, Biuța, Biencuța, or whatever you call me), an ordinary person, but of course who has an essence of uniqueness and who makes her different from the rest of the world. , as is normal.

If I have the chance to participate in this project, I hope (like everyone who aspires to it anyway) to learn new things, to meet new people, to develop personally, to make those who will make me feel that they didn’t waste their inspired air while they were talking to me and why not? … to have fun.

Thank you in advance, no matter what decision you make!
With love Bianca!

The lesson for today:

Many guidelines tell you how to write a cover letter. It’s good to check those, and at the same time showing your real personality to people may help you even more. Bianca broke many of the “guidance rules” in this cover letter, but she achieved her goal and kept her originality. You can’t copy this, but your sure can PUT YOUR PERSONAL TOUCH in an Erasmus cover letter. BE YOURSELF!

P.S. I’ll drop soon some more guidance on how to write a cover letter and the touchpoints that you need in it. (ON INSTAGRAM)

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