Corona virus VS Erasmus

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corona virus vs erasmus

Corona virus VS Erasmus

corona virus vs erasmus

Due to the recent events, today we’ll talk about Corona Virus vs Erasmus. Take a break from this panic with me. I want to motivate and support both the ones who want to go on Erasmus and those who are already there. In this article, I will show you the bright side. With this being said, let’s destroy some viruses together.


Remember what I said: Erasmus students are invincible. If you don’t know what I am talking about, go back to that article by clicking here. It talks about challenges for international students.

Nowadays, both actual and future Erasmus students are facing a bad*ss challenge: Corona Virus. 

Hey, we can’t travel, we can’t have wild parties, they canceled “Fallas” and so on. If you don’t know what Fallas is, I will just help you by saying this: it’s a festival in Valencia (Spain) where you have to go to at least once in this life. If you love festivals, parties and unique experiences, that’s the place. However, I strongly recommend you not to google it now. Check it after the whole Corona virus story ends so you can book your ticket right away.

I will address myself differently according to your current status: willing to become and Erasmus or you are already in Erasmus. Even though, no matter your status, if you have an interest in the topic you should read both.

Now, back to the point…

Dear "future" Erasmus students...

I know it’s annoying but keep calm! You are young and have plenty of time and options to go in Erasmus. You can wait for this to pass or take it while you will be on your master degree. There are also plenty of other options available like: Erasmus projects or volunteering. For now, just chill, watch Netflix, get your tequila bottles (or what you need) for quarantine and party with your close friends.

 You can also see it as a positive thing.This situation kind of stops time for everyone. If school, universities and everything else gets closed, you can spend some time thinking of what you would like to do. There are few who know what they want since the day the step into the university. There is also not that much time to think about it because you keep rolling: you have school/university to attend, deadlines, want to enjoy free time with your friends and so on. 

This is the perfect opportunity to just lay back and think where you are heading. What are you good at? What do you like? Google won’t infect us with Corona virus and it’s filled with information, so you can always go there and make some research. Discover what you like…what suits you best. If you are passionate about something, go ahead and work on it, play with it and make some progress.

Do whatever you like and remember: this is not going to last forever. If you have to stay at home, don’t see it as the end of the world, cause it’s not! Instead you should use this time in your own advantage. Be positive! Soon enough you will discover the rest of the world and enjoy Mojitos wherever you want with whoever you like. 

Dear "actual" Erasmus students...

I know you are crazy, wild and not afraid of unknown, otherwise you wouldn’t be an Erasmus student. So, Corona virus vs Erasmus: who’s winning?

 Trust me, corona virus will be among us for a short period, meanwhile, Erasmus will last forever. There is nothing that can prevent Erasmus from happening. You can see it as the strongest positive Virus on Earth. It’s true that Corona has a strong impact and sh*t got serious but hey: POSITIVE VIBES ONLY! 

Your families will be safe and take care of themselves as they are grownups. You still have Erasmus friends around and can meet to have a good time. Don’t spend time thinking of the whole negative things, but instead try to enjoy every moment. It will end soon and you will not want to realize that you spent this whole time worrying. As mentioned above, do what makes you happy. 

Meet your friends, go in a “quarantine party” together and enjoy life. If you can’t meet or have to stay at home, see the opportunity in it. As mentioned above, great idea would also be to spend some time taking care of yourself. Remove all negative thoughts, home sickness, anger due to lack of traveling options and so on. Let’s all chill and get that “Break from reality”. 

Maybe you have an exam that you weren’t prepared for and it gets canceled. Here’s your time to get back on track. You’ll have time recover a bit from all those parties (OR NOT…parties at home are still awesome). You can stress less that you might have neglected studies and a re-exam will be waiting for you. Spend some time thinking of what to do and how to do it. What’s your strength, what’s your weakness? How can you take advantage of both? 

Choose wisely...

Anyways, all I am saying is that we are still young and wild. IF we can’t take advantage of all the freedom at the moment, there is a bright side of it. Maybe nothing works outside the house at the moment but we have some time for ourselves. You can choose to use it wisely (fun, self-development, relax) or you can panic and go through all the negative thoughts.

So, what will it be?!

Forget about Corona Virus and stay Erasmus weekly!

Lessons for today: Every bad situation has a bright side… try to OPEN UP YOUR EYES! Be confident! Stay POSITIVE! 

P.S Have you heard of Trevor Noah? Stand up comedian?! One of the best in my opinion…I can’t stop laughing with him, so if you are curious watch this video and RELAX! (he says that at some point)

positive erasmus students
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