How to become an Erasmus student in two cities

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How to become an Erasmus student in two cities at once?!


Easy, trust me! Hi everyone. I hope you enjoyed the previous guest story. If you want to read funny and inspiring stories about being  an Erasmus student in Poland, there are two guest stories you can go back to. You always have something to learn from both yours and other people’s experiences. That is also the main reason why I created this website.

Now, I’ve been asked during the Game challenge, to continue with my story. I also found out that everyone is searching mainly for entertainment here. So, here is a very entertaining story. Today we’ll talk about our Erasmus in Alcoy while living 3 hours away from the city.

As many of view know already, we (Me and Mosoiu) opted for Valencia. That was the city of our dreams. Even though, they assigned us in the campus of Alcoy (3 hours away from Valencia). After we found out that there was nothing we could do about it, we drank and cried a bit. The next day, our decision got clear in our head: WE STAY IN VALENCIA AND STUDY IN ALCOY, NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES!

Summary of becoming an Erasmus student in two cities

It took a lot though but totally worth it. We decided to try and compact our classes in such a way, that we can have 3 days per week. After we explained the situation to our guide from Alcoy, apart from being shocked, he said we need to talk to the one responsible for International students. Of course, we did, and we managed to get all our classes in 3 days. Therefore, we were studying from 9 o’clock in the morning until 8 o’clock in the afternoon. Monday until Wednesday.

That situation gave us two types of faces: the Alcoy face and Valencia’s face. Valencia’s face came with a happy face, a wild party starter attitude, a crazy explorer, and ready to socialize with any person we could find on the street. Anyway, we talked a lot about Valencia, so today I will present our Alcoy faces.

Alcoy’s face came with a tired, frustrated, and want to jump off one of the many bridges from Alcoy. Either way, it was the best choice we ever made. We met so many people from both cities. Students from Alcoy were coming to sleep at our place in Valencia and we were going to sleep at their place when we had courses. This happened after many adventures and frustrations, but still, WE WON AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE. Crazy…but awesome!

P.S. You might have been tempted to think that I was very creative on the graph. Here is the thing… That part was made after a real photo. And here you have the first bonus photo from my Erasmus. (More to come!)

Becoming an Erasmus student in Alcoy

So, let me explain why our faces looked so bad in Alcoy. We were after 3 nights in a row of wild parties. Our faces looked terrible and we had to wake up at 4.30 o’clock in the morning. That was to make sure we will find the destination. At 5.30 we left home to catch the metro, that was supposed to take us to the bus station. Amazing, right? Wait, because that is not all. From the place where the metro left us, we had to walk about 20 minutes to the bus station. When we got there, we had to wait. That was the time when we started to talk to each other because by then we were just functional zombies. It was still dark outside by the way.

Anyways, in the end, we managed to get the train. We had 1 hour 52 minutes by train to get to Alcoy. Now, I literally have a problem because I couldn’t sleep in the train. Meanwhile, Mosoiu was sleeping like a baby. I wanted to put toothpaste on her face, to blow a vuvuzela in her ears and all the mean things I could think of. I know, terrible person! But can you imagine how I felt sitting “alone” on the train looking at the window?! With a serial killer face staring from time to time at Mosoiu who had bubbles around her mouth?! 

Arrival in Alcoy

Mosoiu finally woke up. Yey! We got out of the train, it was cold as hell. I should remind you about one of the reasons we chose Valencia. It is because they have an average of 320 sunny days per year. In Denmark, where we used to study previously, it was kind of the same amount of rain per year. So, welcome to Alcoy. As we walked along, we couldn’t find the university. Our GPS was failing big time, so we decided to ask a local. We were extremely uninspired when we chose to ask a very old lady in our broken Spanish. She said in her Spanish: “yes, yes I know where it is, follow me, I am going that way!” We were even more uninspired to do so. 

We went after her and she kept talking the whole way. After 15 minutes of walk with the Spanish lady from Alcoy, we found our selves at a very old and empty university. We thanked her, as well raised girls, and pretended it was ok where she took us. After she left, we had to return and figure out the way to the “RIGHT university”. Allow me to mention that besides the cold, there were hills to walk on and tons of bridges. Exactly the “morning hiking” we were looking for! (I really hope you know I am 100% sarcastic here).

Anyways, finally, we managed to get to the right university. We had to stop for a coffee and we literally felt like smoking a block of cigarettes because of our anger. In the end, we kept calm. We found our classes. When we got in, everybody was looking at us like we were aliens or something. It was of course because we were 1 week late for class, didn’t meet or greet anyone before and our faces looked like S*IT! 😀 Glorious way to start!

Our first day at the university

After we sat on our bench, Mosoiu immediately fell asleep. I was hitting her from time to time to wake up. I was also on the point to collapse because I was extremely tired. In the first break, we went to check the university a bit around. Don’t imagine we were socializing with someone. We felt like everyone knew how we got there because people were looking at us very strangely. On the other hand, we couldn’t care less because we were not in the mood for conversations. 

The whole time we felt like crying because it was extremely dark in there. The city looked like the one where we used to live in Denmark but 200 years ago. The reason is that Denmark has super-advanced technology, even in the smallest cities. It was cold and we were super tired. What else can you wish for?! The first day was a total failure. We couldn’t stop thinking that we had to survive 3 days in a row, doing the same trip each day. Only to attend our classes! Next course we had…. SURPRISE! It was in Spanish. Our Spanish was “telenovela” basic at that time so imagine how great it was to study in that language.

There is nothing more I can say about this day, expect: TOTAL FAILURE!

Magic happens

Either way, we gathered our strengths and with time, we found out about Blabla car, which made our journey way easier. We also met super awesome people. At some point, everyone called us “the girls from Valencia”. I think no one in that school didn’t know about us. Some who found out about our story invited us to sleep over, so we won’t do the traveling every day. It got to become incredible at some point. We went to festivals there. Our friends from Alcoy came to visit us in Valencia. The journey became super exciting. We were attending parties and festivals both from Valencia and Alcoy. We made friends for a lifetime in both cities.

At some point, we were about 15 people sleeping in our apartment. Don’t ask me how! Me and Mosoiu slept at some point in Alcoy on a couch for 2 people (not extendable). We were basically sleeping one with the legs on the other one’s face. Fascinatingly, we woke up so fresh. We remember that day even now. Another special thing…That was the day when the idea about this Erasmus blog came up. Here I am, 6 years later, sharing my adventures with you. I never gave up on the idea. We also never gave up on our dream. So, even if there were many terrible times, we knew what we wanted. We fought for it and it turned out to be amazing. 

Lesson for today: Fight for your goals, no matter how hard it seems. You might find the magic along the way.

Have a super amazing weekend!

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Felix · May 15, 2020 at 9:32 am

Unique content as always on this site !

As a former Erasmus student, I truly believe that the more challenges we overcome earlier in life, the easier it becomes further down the road. And the good part about Erasmus is that you WILL face some challenges, but since you’re not in your country with other people who might want to fix that problem for you, you’ll probably have to do it on your own, which eventually makes you the superhero of solving problems. ?

    Someone from Everywhere · May 15, 2020 at 9:56 am

    Such a true story! Although, I hope newbies will learn something out of our experiences. If you didn’t read Felix’s story, make sure you do it! It was our first guest story, that can inspire you a lot in the future. 🙂 Thank you for being active in here and for helping future international students. 😉

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