Why am I here?

You'll find more about that through my experiences. Most of the websites you find out there, will provide info about the fun parts, where to eat, what to do and so on. Now, I am here to share also what can go wrong. I will provide useful information, motivation and support. Hopefully you will have something to learn out of it.

P.S If you passed that period, you are welcome to read and laugh a bit!


You are always welcome to write me an email regarding any question you might have. You don't have to read my whole blog for that.

Tips & Tricks

Most of my stories are based on unexpected situations that I have encountered during my journey. There's no website that can prepare you for "shi*ty" situations.


How to live your dream life with limited financial support? How to focus on your career when you have no clue what you want to do? Ask me, I'm an expert in that.

Read before reading

This blog is about helping future International or Erasmus students through stories. It aims to become more than just a blog, but more of a story sharing platform. Until then, here is what I need you to know:

I VALUE TIME AND I VALUE PEOPLE. Therefore, even before introducing myself or saying anything else, I want to make sure that you want to read what I am typing here.

I am not going to teach you how to live your life or talk to you like I am some kind of Guru. I’m only inviting you on an Erasmus adventure and giving an overview of what to expect. My stories aim to share “shit*y” situations, information and support that can help you get the best out of your journey. Even though I will share some of my experiences, this whole blog is actually about YOU.

Why Erasmus stories?

Are you wondering why? Well I must say that it’s not because I have too much free time (you will find out later if you keep on reading). I don’t want to be famous either and NOPE, most certainly not going to get any money out of it. One thing is certain: I have been more than once in your shoes. I will explain later what does “more than once” mean. Anyways I had questions: Where? Why? How this and how that? What if? and so on… Now you will think that I am a cautious person and yes… YOU ARE WRONG. However, there are some certain questions that will pop up in your head before you take THE STEP. 

If you are the “let’s go with the flow” type, I must tell you: I Love YOUR ATTITUDE! Also… you will probably love mine. Personally, I followed Jack Ma’s Ultimate Advice for Students and Young People. If you don’t know it already, click on this video. I was an expert in what he says in the first 15 seconds. 

Anyways, back to the point, check my first Erasmus dose and you will understand what am I here for.


Did you pass that period? Are you curious about crazy life stories or want to see that not only your life sucks sometimes? Then you can also read and have some fun. With this being said, if you are not interested about the topics, I highly recommend you to go back to the activities that are valuable for you.


Time is precious and limited and it is important to manage it well! 


P.S. I also have a personal reason for doing this. Besides helping the ones I empathize with, I also have a passion for web design and graphics. Basically you will be the witness of my evolution in that area. What would the wise version of me say? Use your passion and skills to become better in the area that makes you feel like you are not working…but more like having fun. 

About Your Stories

LET’S SHARE some more Erasmus students stories! Are you or have you been an International Student at some point in time?! Can you think of any situation that you could have avoided if you were informed? Or maybe you just want to share some unicorn vibes and rainbow experiences together with some information. It doesn’t really matter, as long as a future student can get something out of your story, even a SMILE. If you are willing to help or have a positive impact, I would love to SHARE YOUR story. You don’t have to worry about your copy writing skills. What is important here is to deliver that important message. With this being said, let’s help future students to have an greater experience. Let’s empower them with information and motivate them to JUMP IN. 


By the way, thank you for reading YouR weekly Erasmus dose!

What is Erasmus?

We'll get back to this question later but I wanted to share with you some expert opinions. I chose them because they are never in one place...not even after Erasmus ended...
Oana Avr picture

Oana Avramescu (Romania)

Graphic designer

"They always say Erasmus isn’t just a year of your life, but a whole life in a year, which is totally true. It’s like traveling the whole world, meeting people from all corners of the world, learning their customs and traditions, trying to speak new languages. It will probably be your most enriching experience you’ll get to live and you’ll go back home completely changed, in the best possible way. I am sure that my friends from Erasmus and I, we will miss it forever, even if it lasted less than one year. "

Andre Costa (Portugal)

Andre Costa (Portugal)

Design Thinking Expert

"Erasmus helped me to leave my comfort zone and see beyond my small town in Portugal, what was happening outside. It helped me to grow my hard skills but most importantly my soft skills, where I have learned how to empathize with different cultures and mindsets. "

WhileWild Hugo picture

Hugo Peyrony (France)

Singer-Songwriter (known as WhileWild)

"Erasmus was a decisive step in my life for me. It allowed me to assert this desire that has always been present in me: to know different cultures, different mentalities, different life styles and Erasmus is the opening towards the other and a common sharing of an unforgettable experience that will remain etched in our memories. For me, Erasmus was just the beginning and gave me the syndrome of wanting to continue traveling and knowing different cultures. Indeed, afterwards, I went to study with the Paris Sorbonne University a Masters in European and international business law located in Bucharest and then, I worked as an international lawyer in Florida. From then on, I set up my music and videography production company and I am currently a music and video producer and I travel every month to a different country to make new music and a new video. I live the life I always wanted to have and Erasmus was the decisive step which allowed me to realize what I really wanted."

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